Mug rug project

I am a fan of mug rugs: they are quick to make, fun, use up scraps of fabric, inexpensive and you can be as creative as you like. There are so many wonderful mug-rugs about, it can be hard deciding what to make!! If you are not familiar with mug-rugs, just pop onto Pinterest and have a look — there are lots and lots to look at. I find that they make great gifts as you can customise them for the person you are making it for and its easy to post long distances. 

The one below is for a young lady who has just turned 11. I made one for her mother, which she uses as a place mat. This one for Miss H has been enlarged (the original pattern was quite small) to make it more suitable as a place mat.

I have been wanting to learn how to do "free-motion" quilting and thought it might be good to start on something small, such as this mug-rug !! I am not great at it—but with practice I think I will improve — slowly !!



  1. You are a very clever lady! Love it! =)

    1. I do enjoy making these :) fun and quite quick.

  2. It is so beautiful! Miss H loves it and we both think it is very pretty. It will be well used, believe me! You are very clever with making these; I have been admiring your work.

    1. Thankyou - they are so much fun to make and make great gifts!!!

  3. It's adorable! Love the bright colors.
    Visiting from Harvest Lane Cottage,

  4. It is adorable! popped over from Modest Mom Monday.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you, I enjoy doing these small projects :)


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