Tis not far to Jesus

I love those who love me, 

And those who seek me diligently will find me. 
(Proverbs 8:17-18)

He is everywhere and always within our reach — we are never alone in our sorrow or suffering as Jesus is EVERYWHERE. To all the women struggling this week, remember as you stand in your kitchen feeling as if life is getting the better of you (or at your desk at work) — Jesus is there with you and what a comfort that is. Instead of panicking or stressing, sit down, grab your bible, read a little and pray.  Once finished you will feel revitalised and ready to tackle the day. Your problems may still be there, but you aren't battling on alone. 

Tis not far to Jesus,
He is everywhere,
Watching o’er His children
With a tender care.

Early if we seek Him,
Early we shall find Him;
’Tis not far to Jesus,
He is everywhere.

’Tis not far to Jesus,
No, ’tis very near;
He is all around us,
He is with us here.


If we want to love Him
Let us go and pray;
Then our hearts can find Him,
Now, this very day.


~ By Fanny Crosby ~


  1. Beautiful poem, Jo! I hope you have a wonderful week. Blessings, Amy

    1. So far the week has gone well ;)) I hope yours has too .

  2. So thankful for His love and tender care. He really does get me through the tough times - I think I'd give up sometimes, otherwise.

    1. I am also very thankful for his love and tender care - I wonder how people cope when going through something really tough without God?


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