Be careful what photos you post or share

I follow Trim Healthy Mama (THM) on Facebook and often surprised by women who post photos of themselves in revealing clothing such as swimwear to show off their weight loss. I am equally amazed at women who show off their tummies (revealing skin) when pregnant. 

Whilst I use social media and have witnessed its many positive attributes — it also has a very dark and evil side that some women have forgotten about. This blog post is a timely reminder to be CAREFUL when posting photos, think twice. It is also about sharing intimate photos of yourself with someone else. 

Firstly to pregnancy — it turns out my concern was well grounded. Pregnancy support groups are warning expectant mothers about the dangers of posting photos of their bellies online in case they are stolen for use on porn sites. Groups in Australia, New Zealand and Canada said people posing as pregnant women had solicited photos for use on pregnancy fetish sites. (source: ABC News

We do not live in an innocent world, even beautiful photos of pregnant women are being used on fetish sites by those who are sexually deranged and get turned on by pregnant women.  Once your photo is on a social media site, you have no control over who copies it and reuses it elsewhere. And if you are one of many who use your real name — that too can be linked to your photo and be placed on sites that could cause you (and your family) much distress. One photo can spread like wildfire and you will loss control of it. In fact when I was looking for a photo for this post, I was amazed at the number of photos of semi-naked pregnant women on Pinterest — some quite revealing. 

Whilst this sounds alarming — it does happen and we always need to think twice before posting photos that you don't won't others to look at in a perverted way. I would likewise say the same about photos of mothers breastfeeding their babies — be careful where these are posted, it might just be innocent to you, but it may not be to others. 

The sharing of intimate photos isn't something perhaps you do  — BUT it is done by many men and women without thinking of the consequences. Women often (however this isn't exclusive to women) take selfies of themselves in revealing positions and send these photos to their boyfriend/partner/husband via a smart phone.  Couples video themselves having sex never thinking that everything might go pear shaped. When the relationship turns sour — these imagines can find their way to one of the many "revenge porn" sites as a way of getting back at their ex. Once one intimate photo is placed on one of these sites (and there is around 3,000 sites) you have no control over it at all and getting one photo remove is almost impossible, just imagine if many are posted. For ultimate revenge, ex's have been known to post these photos on prostitute sites making the woman look like she is a prostitute. 

Many photos are deliberately posted with names and addresses attached and women find themselves bombarded with sexually explicit requests, which can ruin future relationships, people have lost their jobs are a result, it has caused embarrassment and humiliation to friends and family and in some very tragic cases, result in suicide. This problem has become so bad that countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany and some US states now have new laws in place to prosecute such crimes and it can result in a prison sentence. 

The message is simple — BE CAREFUL in what you post or who you post photos too. Train your young adults to be careful what they share on Facebook, teach them about on-line bullying and the dangers of intimate photos. 

Think twice, is it worth it? Because, once posted you no longer have any control over it. 

That also includes photos of your children. 

We live in a very evil world and what you might think innocent is seen through a different light by others.



  1. I do not use social media at all, I avoid the dangers of modern technology.

    1. The best solution but not one we can all do sadly.

  2. Thanks for the reminder to be careful what we are posting online! What wisdom you have shared!

    There is so much good that can come from social media, but your article is a reminder to be wise!

    I came over on Raising Homemakers, and I'm glad to find your site.

    Hope you have a blessed day~

    1. Thankyou Melanie for dropping by. I had to do some research on this topic for work and I realised that perhaps not everyone was aware of the magnitude of the problem. Its our children we need to keep reminding, not just ourselves.

      Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I was watching a rerun of Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders making the team and they talked about picture you share on your iPhone that people can get your location and could track you down by the picture you posted. As you said
    We do not live in an innocent world!!!! Be safe.

    1. So far from innocent it is scary. I have heard this too - just need to be vigilant . Thanks for dropping by :)

  4. I really worry about raising my children to understand this. Young minds can't seem to grasp the dangers of these types of pictures and sharing, especially kids who have never experienced life without the internet and find it very ordinary.

    1. I agree, kids don't seem to realise the magnitude of the problem or how easy it is to get into trouble on the internet. They have become very trusting. I did some research on revenge porn and the consequences of your photo falling into the wrong hands can be terrible and ruin lives. Some of the stories I read almost had me in tears. They also need to realise the issues of posting inappropriate things on Facebook and how that can affect future jobs. We need to be so careful.

  5. Thank you for this timely warning. Another very serious problem I'd suggest adding to this is that of posting photos of small children, even toddlers and babies, with little to no clothing on. I've seen this numerous times. In this day and age when pedophilia is an epidemic, this is a really bad idea. Even on Facebook where one may feel "secure" only posting to one's own friends, there are hackers, people we don't know who may have access to our friends' accounts, or a careless friend who leaves their FB open at work while their computer is unattended. I hate to mention it, but some of us may even have friends who have this horribly sick mind themselves (perhaps repentant, but still a temptation).

    Speaking of intimate photos I've seen at least one woman who used a "boudoir photography" pictures of herself for her profile picture on FB, which could lead to trouble like you've mentioned here. Also, I was more than a little dismayed when the Duggars' daughter Jessa Seewald posted a photo of her and her husband kissing in what appears to be an intimate bedroom environment and the fact that her family gave their approval by posting similar - but not bedroom scene - photos of themselves. Sometimes one wonders how sanity came to be in such low supply.

    1. I completely agree with posting photos of children with little or no clothing - there are too many sick people out there who are ready to swoop up these photos. I was amazed at the fetish over pregnant women, it wasn't one I had heard before and had never thought about.

      We need to be so careful and think twice before posting photos and make sure that names (I have no idea why people post their children's full names) are never included, especially of children as they can be so easily traced back to an address. Extra vigilant is the key I think without being fearful.

    2. I have several friends who have put pictures of their children in swimsuits or revealing dance/cheerleading outfits (actually the outfits are a reason not to join those activities in my opinion) on FB. It worries me to think that some weirdo might see them, but the mothers don't seem to be aware of the danger. I know if I was to say something, they would be offended and angry, so it is good for bloggers like you to post about this. Someone may be reading this post and the danger had never occurred to them.

  6. This is really important to remember - and teach the younger generations. Social media can seem harmless sometimes, but we forget how wicked people in this world will do anything to further their wicked ways. :(


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