Hello dear blogging friends

Hello dear blogging friends, 

I thought I would drop by and see how you all were whilst our dinner cooks in the oven (can you smell it, the potato bakes smells yummy!)

How are you all?

Its been very quiet around here so I am guessing that everyone is very busy getting on with their lives. 

Life is like that — busy one moment and quiet the next, then without warning busy again!!

So what has been happening in my corner of the world — both my sons have got new jobs and start this week. Both are very excited and so am I. I hope their jobs live up to their expectations as it can be very disappointing when they don't. Both have worked very hard to find employment considering that there aren't many jobs about at present.  

Poor hubby has been sick. Sadly I gave (shared) my cold with him and he isn't feeling at all well. He made a very hot curry on the weekend (far too hot for me to eat) in an attempt to "kill" off the bugs, it sort of worked. 

Last weekend I went to the annual craft and quilting fair and had a great time. A little like a child in a candy store!!  On the topic of quilting, one quilt has gone off to be quilted (in a complex paisley design) and another one I am still working on. Shortly I will start two quilts for close friends of mine who are turning 50 next year. I have selected the designs, just need to buy the fabric - often a very time consuming part!

Winter seems to be dragging on a little longer that I think it should!! I'm getting a tired of wearing my winter clothes and would love to toss off my shoes and go bare foot! But I noticed that this Friday it will be much warmer than normal (19C/66F) which will be so nice to see. Perhaps still a little too cold for bare feet!!

Politics seems to be in the news all the time at present and a day doesn't go by when same-sex marriages isn't mentioned. I am getting a little weary of the topic which is why I haven't written anything about it just yet!! Perhaps sometime in the future!

Life isn't complete without talking about books and reading:

— I have just started a book that my dad leant me called "Disguised" by Patricia Moore. Pat is a 26 year old designer who dressed up as a 80 year old woman (over a three year period) to see the level of discrimination that occurs to the elderly and the many difficulties they have in society. 

—I have just finished "A Woman's Guide to making right choices" by Elizabeth George. Like all her books, it was packed full of advice and ideas to make better choices in our lives, more Godly choices. 

— I have been studying Genesis in the evenings and using John MacArthur's bible study. I am up to his third book "Jacob and Egypt" and I find this series very good, easy to read, gets you thinking and all in all, very useful.

— and finally, I am just about to start "Let God be God" by Ray C. Stedman which my brother recommended. It is a study of Job and why we all suffer pain and suffering in our lives. 

I think I better go check the dinner. Hope you are all well and not run off your feet. Always find time to sit and relax, even for a few moments. 

Lots of hugs



  1. What a lovely letter. I'm always amazed at how you get so much done. I have three "teens" now and it seems my agenda is cramming in their agendas...a new lifestyle and hard to balance. God's grace is sufficient. You are a blessing.

    1. Thankyou dear friend :)) I sometimes wonder how I find the time, but my children are all grown up and whilst one lives at home, he is pretty independent.

  2. Thank you for sharing what is going on in your little world lately. :-) Here I've been struggling with sluggishness in the heat of our Texas summer! The last few mornings have been a bit cooler and I was able to walk early yesterday morning. This morning I walked with my sister-in-law and my mom. :-)

    1. It has been so cold here I haven't been able to walk much outside. But today it was sunny, and whilst not warm - it wasn't windy so I went for a 30 min walk outdoors in the sunshine and it felt so good. Hopefully on the weekend I can fit in a few more walks.

  3. Some very interesting books there. Would be interested to hear more about the last one, as you get further into it =)

    1. The last one is excellent - it is written in an easy way but that doesn't weaken the content. It has got me thinking and that is always good. I will certainly be buying more of his books. My brother told me the one on Revelations is very good.

  4. Yes, that last book sounds really interesting - might be something I'd like to read, too! Do tell us more!
    This was a lovely newsy post, I really enjoyed reading it! :)
    I have been SO busy lately - as you know - I even had to stop reading blogs for a little while... Recently I decided that I would HAVE to make time to catch up and try to read regularly so I don't get so behind!
    The weather here has a spring-like feel to it, and I am very much looking forward to spring and being able to stop wearing socks and going barefoot and wearing lighter summer clothing - summer clothing makes me feel more "free"!!
    How have your boys gone with their new jobs this week? I hope & pray the jobs are working out well.
    Craft and quilting fairs are such fun - but most of the time I avoid them as they notoriously do NOT fit into the budget!!!!!!!
    The books you're reading sound really interesting - I hope you'll let us know more!! :)

    1. I will let you know more about the book by R Stedman once I have finished it, so far it is VERY good.

      Today is the first day for a number of months I have been able to open the front door and let in warm air. Even the car was surprised at all the smells and sunshine she discovered standing at the door!! Not quite warm enough to throw off the stockings/socks etc.. but its not that far away!!

      I agree that Quilting fairs are not good for one’s budget!! I had saved up a little so I could buy a few things - equipment mostly - to add to my collection and I pretty much stuck to my “personal agreement”!!!

  5. Lovely to hear from you and what you have been up to. I have been having a bit of a blogging break - in that I haven't been reading any linked up posts. I am back on track this week and I want you to know that I appreciate that you faithfully link up each week. Our weather is slightly warmer here too with 15 degrees being the top. The morning are still quite cold and we are still having some rain. Hopefully the ground will dry up and we wont have as much mud. The quilting fair sounds fun and maybe a bit of a dangerous thing for me :-).

    Thanks again for linking up and sharing all that you do at Good Morning Mondays. I look forward to hearing from you each week. Blessings to you and yours and I hope your husband feels better soon and congrats to your sons on their jobs.

    1. We have had such a cold winter this year and everyone I know has been sick with colds (not so much the flu) multiple times. I have had a cold three times in 2 months and taken 10 days off work!! Unheard off for me :( I am so looking forward to warmer weather and sunshine!! Have a wonderful weekend, I am off to Dubbo next week which will be lovely :))

  6. I hope you have a great time in Dubbo. We use to pass through there on our way to Brisbane to visit my parents each year. We never did get to the zoo, and since they have both passed away we don't get up there any more. Blessings


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