Cuddly Koalas

Dear Blogger friends and family,

I have been away on an exciting adventure with two lovely ladies (cousins of mine) and two smallish children.  We went to the Western Plains Zoo (Dubbo) which is around 400kms north west of Sydney (248 miles). We spent 4 nights in Dubbo and two days at the the zoo. Over the next few weeks I will share some of the photos I took — todays photos are of the cutest and cuddliest creature of all — the Australian Koala and as you can see — these photos are of a mother and her baby. 

For those who want to know more about the Koala (and no they are not a bear even if they look like one) check out this LINK.

After a wonderful relaxing week, I am back to work on Monday — up with the birds at 5:45am, no more sleeping in (not that I did much of that whilst on holidays!). Like all good things, they come to an end and all that is left is beautiful memories and photos to share!! 

I flew back home yesterday afternoon and quickly unpacked all my bags (which was 3 kilograms heavier than when I left [6.6 pounds]), tossed the dirty clothes in the washing machine (now hoping they will dry on a rather overcast day) and within an hour, life was back to normal. My sons came over to visit and I caught up on their weeks activities whilst I made dinner. When I climbed into my bed last night and laid my head on my pillow, I knew that I was at home!! Holidays are wonderful, but my bed it so good!!

Thankyou all for your lovely (and encouraging) comments that you have left this week, I will respond as soon as possible. 

May this week be full of joy (and sunshine) and that you take the Lord Jesus Christ with you with each step you take. 

Lots of hugs

Jo xxx

Around a half dozen other koalas were resting/sleeping way up in the eucalyptus trees, well above our heads. 



  1. Koalas are so cute! They look very soft and cuddly. Looking forward to seeing more of the photos you took! :)
    I'm glad you had a lovely holiday - I know what you mean about enjoying coming home though - there really is no place like home! :)

    1. I never get tired of looking at Koalas, they really are such beautiful and cuddly creatures and this one just kept on hugging her little bub with such love. Yes, the holiday was wonderful and I saw a part of Australia I hadn't seen before which was also really nice.

  2. You got some brilliant photos of that Mummy Koala!

    Just washed that car - all nice and clean - though there wasn't as much mud as there could have been I guess =)

    Thank you for a wonderful holiday - the fun, laughs and tears - all very memorable ;)



    1. You never quite know what you might get when you take photos with this lens, sometimes they can be quite blurry. But fortunately almost all my photos worked out well and I was very pleased with the results.

      I agree - wonderful holiday with so much fun, laughter and the few tears + lots of yummy healthy food (thanks to chef) and the not so healthy food along the way made it very memorable!!!


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