GIVEAWAY — Animal blankies

I love supporting home-based businesses and over the next few months I will be doing just that!

Did you know that in the UK, craft contributes A$6.5 billion to the economy and has exceeded US$2 billion in transactions. Handicrafts are big-business. 

I am a big supporter of women who have set up home-based businesses, turning their hobbies into a cottage industry. Working from home and making money from your business is hard work and can have many pitfalls and discouraging moments.  Even harder when you are home-schooling, caring for children, husband and home. 

I am certainly not talented enough to run my own business — however, I do have one very clever cousin (Bets) who is doing just that and I wanted to promote her cute creations by doing a giveaway.

This giveaway is open to all, no matter where you live.

Be quick as this giveaway closes on: 

Today's giveaway are two animal blankies — perfect for a baby but would also be much loved by a toddler. They are soft, cuddly and very cute and because they are made from 100% acrylic, they can be tossed into the washing machine it they become a little too loved. 

Each blankie measures 30 x 30cm (11 1/2 inch), perfect for small hands. 

The craftswoman who makes these gorgeous creations is Bets and she runs a store on Facebook called "Betsy's Boutique". Bets is a stay-at-home Christian mother with two children whom she is home-schooling. She helps her husband in his home-based business, her sister and her father. She is one busy lady. 

1. Daisy Dog

2. Harriet the Happy Hippo

Both are searching for their "forever" homes and perhaps your home might be the place they would love to settle. They are happy to fly anywhere in the world and will be safely wrapped so not to be bumped too much (we don't want them to arrive with sore heads)!!  Here they are watching me prepare this blog post eager for as many people as possible to enter !!

Rules (all giveaways have rules, mine are pretty simple!!)

1. Leave a comment below and let me know if you would like Daisy or Harriet (plus contact details). 


2. Pop over to "Betsy's Boutique" and LIKE her Facebook page and leave Bets a comment too as she would love to hear from you. 

It is that simple. 



  1. What a wonderful giveaway. Perfect for one of 2 new arrivals to our family next year.

  2. They are very cute :) This is a lovely giveaway! I think Daisy is my favourite... although, that is a very hard decision because Harriet is really cute too!

  3. I have to say, I can't choose - they are both too cute. What a clever lady Besty is!

  4. Oooh My almost two year old would love these! They're both so cute but I think Harriet is my favorite.

  5. oohh Sept 21st is my birthday! I think I could find a home for either of those cuties ..but if I have to choose it would be Daisy!

  6. I would love to win Harriet the Hippo!!! so, so cute!!! :) I liked Betsy's boutique on facebook! :)

    thecountryblossom at hotmail dot com

  7. I love Daisy Dog! I homeschool and I am a single mom. I am trying to launch a home based business and I am so encouraged by the information you have shared about the success of home based businesses. I am an artist and I sew. Thank you so much for this information and encouragement.

    1. If I win Daisy dog I can give you my contact information.

  8. How adorable! My new great niece would so love Daisy Dog. There is another on the way too. Who wouldn't love either of them...sweet!!!

  9. How adorable! My new great niece would so love Daisy Dog. There is another on the way too. Who wouldn't love either of them...sweet!!!

  10. How sweet! My sister-in-law is expecting her first child. What a wonderful gift this would be! I like them both, but since we don't know yet which she is having, Daisy Dog would be good for either! Thanks. These are so sweet. If I am chosen please email me at

  11. I would love harriet for my new granddaughter

  12. They both are so cute. I like Daisy dog just a touch more. If I chosen please email me at Thank you for the wonderful post.

  13. Oh theses are adorable! The dog indeed is slightly preferred.. great givecaway.


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