The gift and the jewel

At 92 Wanda wrote this beautiful poem about ageing and hope and where our focus should be throughout our lives. So whilst your wrinkles increase and grey hair appear and walking becomes more painful — just remember, it isn’t about the gift wrapping at all. Thanks Clara for sharing this with me :)

The gift and the jewel by Wanda B Goines

I looked in the mirror and what did I see?
But a little old lady peering back at me
With bags and sags and wrinkles and wispy white hair
And I asked my reflection, how did you get there?

You once were straight and vigorous
And now you’re stooped and weak
When I tried so hard to keep you from becoming an antique
My reflection’s eyes twinkled and she solemnly replied.

You’re looking at the gift wrap and not the jewel inside
A living gem and precious of unimagined worth
Unique and true, the real you, the only you on earth

The years that spoil your gift wrap with other things more cruel
Should purify and strengthen and polish up that jewel


So focus your attention on the inside, not the out
On being kinder, wiser, more content and more devout
Then when your gift wrap’s stripped away
Your jewel will be set free, to radiate God’s glory throughout eternity!


Below is a Youtube of Wanda reading her poem, it is very touching.

Painting: Balthasar Denner (German artist, 1685-1749) Portrait of an old woman c. 1720


  1. Replies
    1. I loved it when I was sent it :) I will certainly be keeping these words for when I'm older and the wrapping isn't looking great!!

  2. What touching words and great painting, thank you for sharing !

    With much gratitudeI'm sending dear love and hugs

    1. I am so pleased you enjoyed this and isn't the painting a wonderful, the older lady is so beautiful.

  3. Oh, this is too precious! I broke up at the end, too--what memories must flood her mind as she considers these words. Bittersweet.

  4. Beautiful to find this today! Thank you!

    1. Glad you liked it, I thought it was beautiful :)

  5. This is So beautiful!!! As I get older I will keep poem in my bible and read it often! It has blessed me.
    God bless

    1. That is a great idea - with so many advertisements on TV and in magazines pushing us to not accept age as part of life, we need to remember there is nothing wrong about getting old, its far better than not making it too old age. Blessings.

  6. Such a great poem - and such good advice contained in it! A real jewel. :)

    1. One to keep for our old age to remember when we look in the mirror :))


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