The joys of home

Dear blogging friends,

There are some days I don't have a clue what to write about and today is one of them!! So instead I though I would take you around my garden as it is looking lovely with all its spring flowers. 

But now that I have put "pen to paper" so to speak, there was one thing I did wanted to write about — the idea that women who go off to work are not as fond of their homes as those who stay at home. I  have read this many times, if you are not at home all the time, you couldn't possibly be as passionate about it or your heart isn't in the right place.

Rubbish . . . I love my home, it gives me lots of joy and happiness and would love to spend much more time at home — just like most women I know. Whilst I can't, I make the most of it when I am at home. I love nothing better than pottering about my garden (which I did last night when I got home from work—I got my hands dirty and planted tomatoes) and enjoying the fruits of my labour.

I love doing things in my home to make it cosy for my husband. My home is our refuge and I love it just as much as any other woman. I think I am as passionate about my home as anyone else!!!

It isn't the number of hours one spends in the home that is important — it is the amount of love one pours into it that is important. I love nothing better than preparing a special meal for my husband or perhaps going for a walk together, making sure the home is clean and tidy for him, the fridge and pantry are well stocked with his favourite foods, spoil him with treats etc... These are what makes it all so special not simply because someone is at home. Even though I work, my focus remains with my family and home first.

All women, those at home and those who work can create wonderfully homely homes that when you walk through the door, you just know you are in a place that feels welcoming and warm. A place you don't really want to leave. We can all do this if we set our hearts in the right directions and do it for the right reasons — for our families to enjoy. 

After a day at work, there is nothing nicer than returning home to my little haven. 

~ Happiness is home with the people you love ~

Banskia Rose in all her glory!

Each night I make sure the house is tidy and the dishes are done. In the morning my dear husband makes our bed and vacuums (isn't he sweet!) so when I come home, it is neat and tidy. I think this is important for any woman who works. Coming home to a messy house is just depressing and doesn't really make you want to come home. The idea of having to clean up or do dishes after a day at work is not nice at all. 

In the evening, especially in summer, my husband and I love to have a gentle stroll around the garden looking at all the flowers and watch the setting sun. Charlie Cat like to comes with us and as she walks she likes to stop and smell the flowers or eat the grass she finds.  The world may be full of sadness and chaos, but at home all the troubles can float away and one can feel safe and at peace. Creating a home is so important as it is our place of comfort from the world and its horror. 

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, 
for tomorrow will worry about its own things. 
Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

(Matthew 6:34)

How about these two for colour - bright yellow in one corner of my garden and these gorgeous pinks, purple and white under the large eucalyptus tree. Sadly the yellow is only in flower for a short time but I enjoy every minute of its bloom - its a joy to see as I walk to the car in the morning and a beacon of home, as I return in the afternoon. Who couldn't love spring !!!

I thought I would end my chatter with a photo of a Magpie, a common bird in our area. This one is only a baby looking for worms to eat. I had to stand very still to take the photos, with any movement it would have flown away. I love watching the birds in the garden, they are amazing creatures and so clever.

Enough of my ramblings!! Time to sign off for another day.

Don't forget to always find joy in your day.

Jo xxxx



  1. Beautiful flowers! Thank you for sharing these spots of color. :)

    1. Didn't God create such beauty for spring:)

  2. I think in many ways people who work away from home can often appreciate it more. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" applies here. I never appreciate my home more than after I've been away.
    Wonderful garden pictures!

    1. You are spot on, it does make you appreciate it that bit more :)

  3. What a lovely, beautiful garden! No doubt it must be a source of joy for the family. I love having a look at lovely ladies´ surroundings to find some inspiration for myself. We´re entering autumn here in Europe and I just can´t wait to see my liquidambar tree turning all red, in its glorious moment of the year, before going to sleep for the winter...

    If you are looking for new topics to write about in your blog, let me suggest one I´m sure all the ladies would love. Show us some other corners of your home, as you´ve done with your beautiful garden. Looking at the things a person surrounds herself with allows us to know and understand her better, and if it´s a lovely, peaceful lady like you it will surely inspire many of us!

    1. When I was a child we had a liquidambar tree in the front garden and it was glorious in Autumn when all the leaves changed colour. It is one of my favourite trees. We had one in our current garden but it blew over in a storm and causes some damaged which was sad.

      Thankyou for your lovely blog idea, I will ponder it and write one up soon :)) it is a great idea.

  4. You said it, yours is truly a little Heaven, enjoy it !
    Sending blessing and love with a big hug to wish you a lovely weekend, thank you beautiful friend

  5. Your flowers are truly beautiful!

    1. Thankyou - they are doing so well this year, thanks to heaps of sunshine and rain.

  6. Such lovely flowers. Flowers do add so much to our lives and I'm grateful for gardens and parks and flower shops. Big bunches and tiny posies.

    For not having any idea what to say when you started your post, it grew into something quite lovely.


    1. When I don't have any flowers in my garden, I usually buy some I have them in my house as I think they add something extra to a room :)

  7. Your garden flowers are beautiful. I especially like banksia roses. :-) I first saw them in Arizona where they are sometimes called "Tombstone roses" after a very large one there that is said to be over 100 years old. I never saw it because they charged admission. ha! They are also called "Lady Banks" roses here.

    Your observations are interesting and thought provoking. I think that one reason some women judge "working women" as not loving their home as well is perhaps because they didn't themselves. We humans have a terrible habit of thinking that if we think a certain way about something then most others do also. It leads us to make some very wrong assumptions sometimes. Of course, there are other reasons that wrong assumptions are made as well, but this is one, I'm sure.

    1. I have see some banksia roses that are huge and lean all over anything in their way and look so beautiful when in flower. We have to keep our's trimmed otherwise it wants to wander off into places they should!!

      I do agree about the assumptions - plus women have this habit of put ideas into other women’s heads and turning their views and assumptions into “facts” and spread it about.

  8. Your flowers are beautiful. I had never seen a magpie before. I truly enjoy your blog!

    1. The magpie has a beautiful song and I love to hear them sing first thing in the morning.

  9. I love your garden photos - especially your banksia rose. It is just gorgeous!!
    And yes - our homes are only what we make of them and only as welcoming and friendly as we make them!! I love being in my home and I believe my family all does to - and I hope guests find it welcoming as well! :) After going away for a holiday or even a few hours of shopping, I sigh inside myself and feel great pleasure to be home. As they say, "home SWEET home". Makes me realise how much better it is going to be when we finally reach our heavenly Home, too!!

    1. We didn't plant the Banksia Rose, it has been here since we moved in and we never do anything with it - it flowers, looks beautiful all on its own!!! Home is where we can be ourselves and don't have to pretend to be anything else and that is why it is so nice to be at home !! :))


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