Art Friday: Rose garden

Art Friday
Dear friends,

I have had a very busy week at work and my brain is feeling a little over-used!! So instead of finding artworks for you (which can take me ages), I thought I would share some photos I took on Wednesday when I went for my midday walk. This rose garden was in full-bloom at present and it looked glorious with all the green grass and blue sky against this fire-engine red rose. 

I don't know about you, but at this time of the year I start to get a little weary and in need of a holiday (which I will be taking from the 25th of December for a month. I have so much to do over the next few weeks — gift buying, cards (which I haven't even thought about), food and then I have all the lunches (3 so far) and morning and afternoon teas I am going to (which don't help my waistline at all). I will be one very busy girl for the next 4 weeks. So my midday and evening walks are a much needed break where I can enjoy the scenery, get some fresh air  and clear out all the clutter in my mind!! 

I do hope you enjoy these photos, this garden is just lovely to wander through and see all the beautiful roses. Hopefully next week I will have some art to share with you :)

Bye for now. 



  1. And isn't this Art, my dear Jo, this is the most beautiful Art to me :) !!!
    I love roses so much and you're going to live them in bloom, the most beautiful season. Here in Italy, after a very warm Fall we're 'enjoying' such a cold during these last days, oh my !
    So, to watch your gorgeous photographs has truly refreshed my heart, thank you so much for sharing, my sweetest !

    1. Dear Dany, I am so glad you enjoyed this blooms - aren't roses just divine and bring so much joy to look at :))

  2. Your photographs here are art! What beautiful roses. We are headed into cold, wet, (maybe snowy soon) weather here. My last two rose blooms were nipped by a cold weather snap last week and are now shriveled on the bush. My garden is already starting to look winter bleak, and it is not even officially winter here yet. Your beautiful rose photographs were a treat for my eyes.

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed these roses - this year the roses have been gorgeous and have gone on flowering much longer than usual. I think we have had the right combination of sunshine, rain and warmth. Rug up with your snowy cold weather :)

  3. You must be in a much warmer climate. I thought I was so lucky to have enough roses in the garden to make a small bouquet but this garden is quite spectacular!

    1. I am - I live in Australia which is considerably warmer particularly in winter. I just popped over to your blog and I LOVE your banner, what gorgeous roses you have there!!

  4. Oh, those certainly are a beautiful form of artwork in their own right!! I LOVE those gorgeous red roses! I miss roses - I was growing them at our last house, but haven't been able to plant any here yet (choosing instead to plant practical things like fruit trees and vegetables!). I would like to get a rose some day - they are so beautiful and I love the ones that smell lovely too.

    1. Whilst I can grow them in my climate, I have never been able to achieve anything that spectacular!!!! But I have found that if I neglect them I get better results to when I over indulge them with care!!! :))


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