Friday Art: Edward Thompson Davis

Artist: Edward Thompson Davis

  • 1833–1867

We have see such ugliness in the last week with the tragic deaths of many innocent people in Paris and in other parts of the world as a result of terrorist attacks. It can be easy to forget that whilst these events are just horrible and most of us struggle to understand why they happen — we need to always remember the beauty that is around us. The terrorists don't want us to see the lovely, the kind, the caring, the gentle . . . but they are all there if we look. Just because the terrorists can't see the beauty, they can't take it away from us. 

Enjoy these beautiful works of art of Edward Thompson Davis, in particular the scenes of family life — a grandmother with her grandchildren, the young listening to the elderly, two children helping each other. This is what we need to focus on. 



  1. I'm in a awe after watching these gorgeous masterpieces, thank you for sharing them and for having made me know this great painter !

    Sending dear love and big hugs

    1. They are beautiful, aren't they. I am so glad you really enjoyed them.

      Please have a wonderful and blessed weekend.

  2. Loved them, really family - something that is sadly being destroyed around us....

    1. They are and I just love the intergenerational paintings, something that is really lost these days.

  3. These are great. This is what is missing in today's world, in modern society - the sense of "togetherness". Family. Multiple generations interacting in simple ways. Such a shame.

    1. I love these family imagines, so peaceful. Greatly missing as you say, especially the multi-generational family gathering which I always loved as a child .


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