In the sewing room

Dear Blogging friends, 

I think its about time I did an update from the sewing room (which is a little messy at present so no photos of the space!!). What have I been doing — not a lot really! I started to make a top but ran into difficulties trying to understand the pattern so taking it off to discuss with friends who sew! But I have been buying patterns, thats really the easy part of sewing!!  I buy most from eBay —usually the older patterns that are often out of print or no longer in demand. These are my favourites and I have managed to find some treasures. 
I was so excited about the pinafore (jumper) pattern (below) — I have been searching for the perfect pinafore pattern and struggle to find anything I liked, this is what I have been wanting.  The pattern is a little too large so I will need to make it small, but I look forward to giving it a go!!

As to the other pattern (long green dress from Buttericks 5461) I plan to make this for summer but before I do, I am going to be clever and make a top using this pattern to see how the neckline goes — the pattern says it is "fast" and "easy",  I will let you know if this is true!!

I mentioned in a previous post how I was making a quilt for a friend who is turning 50 next year — here is the fabric I am using. I just love all those purples (my friend's favourite colour) and can't wait to start cutting. I have been delayed in starting this job due to major back problems where I can sit or bend for too long — making sewing and cutting difficult. Hopefully soon I can get started on this project. The green is for the back of the quilt.

I recently finished this over-sized mug rug (place-mat) for a young man of 10 who loves dogs. Whilst it isn't perfect I am quite pleased with the end result.  I learnt a few things in the making of it— such as, free motion quilting is REALLY hard and I have no idea how the experts get it so even and beautiful. The pattern comes from Craftsy and they have 24 different designs of boys and girls with cats and dogs (2 for each month of the year). I have bought most and look forward to using them of various projects. 

I have another (secret) project I am working on that involves appliqué, sewing, fabric, art etc... I will share the next time I do a "In the sewing room"!!!

My dear cousin (Bets) from Betsy's Boutique has been busy knitting and this is what she made recently for one of her clients — I just love the rainbow colours. Don't forget to visit her Facebook shop if you want to make an order. 

And I do love this bright pink one with the pale pink elephant ears. So cute for a little girl.



  1. Thanks Jo! I love free advertising =)
    And I thought that placemat was brilliant! It looks gorgeous =)
    The purples and green backing looks delicious too =)
    Hope the back is improved enough for you to get to work soon!

    1. I do love the pink/grey elephant - it is just so vibrant and happy looking :))

      I really do need to get my act together with the purple quilt, it has quite a bit of work to be done and must be finished by April :)) Perhaps over the summer!!

  2. Oh Jo, I do hope your back feels better soon. I sleep with a heating pad for my back. Blessings!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

    1. My back is on the mend, it has taken around three weeks. It comes and goes and I have learnt to live with it and get on with everyday activities as one must! I also use a heating pad and find its really useful.

  3. What a gorgeous post, my dearest Jo, thank you for sharing !
    Have a joy-filled end of the week, with love

    1. Thankyou for visiting , it is always a pleasure to hear from you.

  4. How's your back now? Feeling all better?
    Did you manage to get the quilt done over your summer holidays? How is it coming along? I love the colours!
    Those clothes patterns look like fun - have you managed to make any of them yet??
    Thank you so much for that gorgeous placemat - I was totally amazed when Danny opened his gift - incredible work!!! And perfect for this particular recipient!! ;)

    1. Sewing room looks great and everything has a home now that I have add some new storage BUT I just need to get my act together and do some sewing!!! Waiting for cooler weather is my current excuse!


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