Brilliant bookcase ideas

Dear friends, 

I love houses full of books and I thought these ideas for book cases were great and didn't take up heaps of space.  

Sadly I have stopped buying as many book as I have run out of space and have no where else to store books (my house isn't that big). I now tend to borrow from the library (who runs an excellent service where  I live) which has resulted in significant savings as books are not cheap! 

So whilst I don't need any more bookcases and I'm not buying any books — I still like to look at book cases and dream of having them in my home!!

What is your ideal way of storing books?

You too can dream along with me and enjoy (I hope) these interesting designs. 

Enjoy xx


Of course you could just leave them in piles on the floor as they look just as good!!



  1. I like the second one down. The series of books there look so nice. I also like the one surrounding the bed in your collage. I have so many books and have already gotten rid of a lot compared to how much I had two years ago. I just have a bunch of mismatched bookcases that are so hard to keep organized. Thanks for the pretty pictures!

    1. I don't think the second one would be too hard to make, perhaps a little more difficult attaching it to the wall. I would love to have a skilled craftsman in the family who could make these sorts of things :))

  2. A lot of neat ideas! My hubby is planning on building shelves like the one above with the pipes and industrial look. I love home libraries! <3 :) Merry Christmas.

    1. Those shelves made using pipes look so cool :)

  3. Some interesting bookcases/shelves there! I do prefer to have books in bookcases - especially in a dusty house, otherwise it's a nightmare to vacuum or clean floors and get into all the nooks and crannies! We don't have enough bookcases, but we do hope to build some more ourselves - although they will be the (boring) practical kind rather than these artistic ones!!

    1. Here are some ideas for your husband and son to make!! I like a mix of books and knick-knacks in bookcases, not sure why - just do! But agree that dusting can be a pain!


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