Colour your world

Paintings by Kathy Anderson
“The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most.”
(artist, John Ruskin)

Dear blogging friends, 

Do you love colour?

Do you surround yourself with colour?

Is your home full of bright and cheery colour?

I am a huge fan of colour — it isn't unusual to see me in bright orange or red (I wore a bright red dress to work on Tuesday) and my house is full of colour.

When you are feeling down, it is hard to continue feeling down when surrounded by colour. Colour really does brighten up any day. 

Colour is so important that marketers and designers spending huge dollars $$$$ getting it just right. Certainly colours make us happy and others make us sad. Some colours make us spend more and certainly colours remind us of Christmas or spring. They know which colours make us feel good about ourselves and those that make us sad. 

Modern homes (check out any real-estate catalogue) lacks colour. They are often whites, creams, beiges and tones of brown. To me they look rather sad and uninviting. Show me a home full of colour and I always feel so much more welcomed. 

Nature is full of colour — flowers come in all the colours of the rainbow, the sunset is glorious in its reds and yellows and oranges and don't forget autumn (fall) and spring. The brightness of the sun and the different tones of green and how about the animal kingdom and the array of colour found in feathers, fur and fin!

As keepers of your home, do add some colour to your surrounds — I am great believer that colour not only makes us feel better, it gives us energy and makes the start of any day so much more appealing.  So the next time you are selecting a rug, pillow or even a wall hanging — look out for some colour to splash about.  Try and be bold and step out of your comfort zone if colour isn't your thing. 

Children love colour, just look at their paintings, their favourite clothing and they always select the brightest colours. As adults we tend to forget our childhood and select the more subtle tones — sadly I always think that beige and brown are very drab and lack any spark of imagination and isn't that what we want to surround our selves with!

So colour your world and I am sure you will feel so much better and so will your family.

And don't forget, God created colour for us to enjoy. He didn't paint the universe in its glorious colour for nothing. He gave us colour to enjoy — so enjoy :))

I will end this blog post with this beautiful collection of colourful flowers. I hope they brighten your day.

Have a wonderful day


John McCartin (Nasturtiums), Heide Presse (Sunfowers), Linda Jacobus (Geraniums), Robert Chailloux (blue flowers), unknown artist (orange flowers), Lisa Palombo (coneflowers)


  1. How not to love colours and to feel the need of being surrounded by them, my darling Jo, to me it's a necessity !
    Thinking of you, my sweet friend

    1. I am glad yo are also a lover of colour :))) Have a wonderful day.

  2. I LOVE color! In fact, when I'm asked my favorite color I find it pretty difficult to name just one. :-) I usually think of pink as my favorite, but there are so many others that I really love too, and some that I don't care so much for alone that look fantastic in some situations/combinations.

    I agree with you in thinking that beige and browns are drab and lack imagination. To me color communicates and when people use all those "neutrals" (including gray) to decorate their home I tend to feel like they have nothing to say, or perhaps don't know how to communicate well. Maybe that's odd, but that's how it feels - sterile, neutral.

    One of my favorite quotes - "I cannot pretend to be impartial about the colours. I rejoice with the brilliant ones, and am genuinely sorry for the poor browns."
    Winston Churchill

    1. I can not understand this beige trend, I love looking at "for sale" homes on the internet and so many brand new homes are beige, in fact it would be hard to find one that wasn't - and even those that are fully furnitured, the owners still limited their colours - its almost as if they are afraid that something might happen if they really do express themselves

  3. I LOVE colour. Colour speaks to me. I assign colours to people in my mind. Colours have a meaning. I associate things with colour. Colour is really important to me. I don't reject brown though. I love the way brown can be combined with a host of other colours and they look beautiful together. That being said, my home is quite colourful, I think, with walls painted blues, yellows, pinks, cream and chocolate brown. I actually really love my cream rooms with their chocolate brown feature walls because to me they open up a whole world of ideas for décor colours - and I can change the décor colours anytime and they all look great because there's no clashing with the paintwork! :D I would hate a whole house that was beige and I did not enjoy living in white homes. Too boring!

    1. Colour means lots of different things to me and can change depending on my mood. Some colours make me sad, happy, fun etc... There are particular greens I won't wear because they make me feel sad and down, whilst red is always a colour that lifts the spirits. i can't imagine having a wardrobe of clothes that were all one colour!! That would be more than boring.


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