Art Friday: Arthur John Elsley

Artist: Arthur John Elsley (1860 – 1952)

English painter of the later Victoria/early Edwardian era


  1. Arthur John Elsley is one of my favourite painters of children in art, his paintings are so real, his faces they are even much more expressive than in our photographs today!
    Thank you for sharing some masterpieces of his, darling Jo,
    have a blessed end of your week,
    sending love and gratitude

    1. So glad these are a favourite of yours and I love them to - very tender and sweet and the children are delightful.

      Have a wonderful weekend xxx

  2. These are lovely, Jo.. Two of the finest things in life; children and dogs!

    1. These have a tender aspect to them that is lovely and very Victoria. Dogs (or cats) and children are a perfect combination!!

  3. He is one of my favorites Jo! Thank you for sharing his work on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! :)

  4. I have actually never heard of Arthur John Elsley, or seen his paintings before, so thank you very much for sharing this :-)

  5. Some of these are very familiar. A very talented artist, although I find his paintings to be quite dark in some respects - he chooses a lot of dark or brown colours and it detracts from the cheerfulness of his work (in my opinion!). I'm glad he contrasted in the paintings though - the bright clothing helps lift the paintings just enough to make them more appealing.

    1. They are very Victorian and now look very dated - they aren't the darkest I've seen but I see where you are coming from !!


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