Just pictures: Henry

Henry the young magpie who has befriended us.


  1. Great photos Jo. Ruby seems to be intrigued :)

    We have a magpie that has befriended us too. A young female one with a broken top beak. She comes around everyday (sometimes she brings her mates) for a free feed of mince. Magpies make great pets I am told :)


    1. Magpies are amazing creatures, I love how they befriend you :)

      Have a wonderful week :)

  2. Amazing photographs, my sweet Jo, thank you for sharing them with us !
    Have a blessed day

  3. It's fun having wildlife that takes up residence and almost seems friendly! We have a magpie families around here that have done that - they have two juniors (from two seasons of breeding) - it amazes me how long the juveniles stay with the parent magpies!

    1. Henry's parents left him really quickly and being an only child I think he decided me make friends with us instead. We also have a currawong family with the baby born at the same time as Henry and they are still with the young currawong - in fact every night we listen to them call to each other so they can sleep together (with is really sweet). I have just given Henry his piece of bread as he was sitting on the fence by the kitchen window waiting for us!!


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