In the sewing room: Update

I've been a busy girl in the sewing room — no not really much in the way of sewing, more about re-arranging things and buying new furniture for the room in hope that I will do more sewing!!!

The two big purchases were from Ikea — the trolley now contains all my projects in one place and it very handy (and stylish too!). The other purchase is the two sets of drawers. One lot contains all my sewing (finally in one location) and the other all my stationary and paper — once again, all in the same place for once. My son was so kind and put everything together for me whilst I rearranged the room to fit the new furniture in.  I really only went to Ikea to buy the trolley with no intentions of buy drawers but these looked so useful and they are very deep so contains lots of space. I had to buy two because Ruby (yes, the cat) needed to be able to lie on top and stretch out. As you can see below - she fits beautifully and loves her new space (bed) near the window!!!

What one does for a cat!!!

I have finally got my act together and cut out the fabric for "Kathy's Quilt" — aren't the colours lovely — I do love purple (once upon-a-time it was a not a colour the ordinary folk wore, it was tricky to produce, therefore very expensive so it was only a colour worn by the wealthy). Glad it is now cheap to make (!) I too can enjoy the colour purple!!

I don't really need anymore clothes (my wardrobe is bursting at the seams) — but I found a simplish pattern for a summer dress that I thought I would try. The red fabric is very soft and will be lovely on a hot day and whilst the dress isn't perfect, it will be great to wear around the house when it is hot!

Some people are so skilled at sewing, I am not one of them. No matter how hard I try, I always seem to have a problem or things don't quite sit perfectly as they should. I think sewing is a gift which some people are born with and others (myself included) make do with what basic skill we have!!!  But I keep on trying and not giving up - one day I will get there!!!


  1. How could we do without having such rooms, where to keep all the things we need for sewing and where to do it, while the rest of the home is in order !
    Thank you for sharing such part of your daily life, darling Jo,
    have a blessed new week,
    sending love to you

    1. It is lovely to have everything in order and be able to find things quickly :)

      Thanks for dropping by :))

  2. Lovely - it would be wonderful to have a sewing space. The purple will look lovely. I should get my sewing machine out - you have inspired me!

    1. I now just need to get some sewing done!!!But our weather has been hot and I never really feel like sewing in hot weather - waiting for some cooler days to arrive!

  3. The trolley and drawers look really handy! I'm always on the lookout for handy storage options - I've found a few bargain storage options myself this year and when everything is tidied away and neat, it feels so good and encourages me to want to use my sewing things!!
    Love the purples.
    I think you are a very skilled seamstress!!! I love seeing the things you make!

    1. The drawers have been so useful , now anyone in the family can find scissors, tape, cotton, paper, envelopes etc.... making life easier all round. I am so glad I bought them, even if they were very hard work to get in the car and poor eldest son making them!!! That trolley is very useful too.

  4. We have a HUGE laundry/pantry/whatever room in our new place, and I can't wait to get in there and DO. There's an island (!), that I intend to use for homeschooling, and crafts, and maybe sewing (if I can wrestle my machine back from my MIL, lol). Having a room for multi uses is a blessing. I loved seeing yours!

    1. Sounds like the perfect room to do stuff in :)) My sewing room isn't huge so it can be difficult at times when cutting fabric etc.


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