What is a "strong woman"?

What is a "strong" woman?

I keep hearing about the need for women to be strong — and I have been wondering what it  really means, both in the worldly sense and from the Christian perspective. 

I decided to google “strong woman” and see what I found — here is some of the phases I came across , I wonder if you can pick up the common theme that runs through them all? 

* Being a strong woman means asking for what you deserve, even though you'll be called selfish and impatient. 
* It means fighting for the right to exercise a basic freedom, while your male counterparts chastise you for it. 
* It means wearing a short skirt and a low-cut top because you want to regardless of what others think. 
* It means refusing to apologize for having a voice and using it, even though you know you'll be called cold, cruel or a bitch. 
* Being a strong woman means loving yourself regardless of what others think. 
* It means defining your own strength, instead of adhering to a set of standards society has decided women must follow in order to be considered strong. 
* Following own interests, not afraid to state her opinions  and views, don’t measure their self-worth by other people’s opinions, don't hold back, doesn't crumble at rejection or criticism. 
* Confident, ambitious, knows what she wants, completely in control, self reliant.  
* Be willing to be a threat to create change in society. 
* Fearless. 
* Strong women can conquer the world.

I always considered the three beautiful women in the photograph above strong women. They were resilient, intelligent, strong, funny women full of confidences.

— but they were also very dignified, ladylike women, full of grace and femininity, kind, caring, generous and never a harsh word. They were my aunts and they were all wonderful strong Christian women. But nothing were like the women described above.

The lady of Proverbs 31 is one example of a strong woman but reflects none of the attributes of the modern “strong” woman. She is a highly capable, intelligent woman who works very hard, in fact she is pretty amazing when you look at all the things she gets up too — but none of her activities are about “me”, they are always about others. They aren’t about ambition or domination, trying to be better than others, voicing her opinions, trying to change society or wanting to conquer the world. Instead she is of noble character, graceful, dignified, kind, caring, helpful, forgiving, of good humour, strives to serves with a joyful heart, supportive of others, grateful, puts her family first and above all, does all things for the Lord. 

We too need to have a strength that is entirely drawn from Christ — He will provide the strength we need to make us strong, our strength isn’t about conquering the world or even equality — it is about serving our Heavenly Father throughout our days. Our hearts and minds need to be fully fixed on God in everything we do and when we do this, we will be strong women in Christ. 

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:9)


  1. I agree, those beautiful women look strong, yet soft and womanly.
    Thank you for the wonderful verse. I have a new memory verse!

    1. Thankyou - these three women were amazing strong women but ever so gentle and kind. I am honoured to have known them growing up.

  2. What a beautiful summary of a strong woman.
    I wish every modern woman could read it!!!
    Thank you for sharing! ~ Gwen

  3. Excellent post -- they were also my Aunt's!

  4. I've been thinking about this lately too, because we have a couple of friends who are going through a hard time. There is strength and then there is stubbornness. That is a beautiful picture of your aunts, thank you for sharing your thoughts. You are helping me think.

    1. Yes, stubbornness is quite a different matter! My aunts were all beautiful women, if only I could have known them all as an adult and not just as a child and moody teen!

  5. The difference between the world's and God's strong women is one stands for herself and the other stands for others.
    Great post!! Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. The contrast between the two types is really extreme, isn't it? Thank you for writing this! Your aunts are beautiful and they do look strong. One of my grandmothers was a particularly good example of being strong and generally gracious. I am thankful for her example.

    1. It certainly is - I didn't deliberately choose extreme ones to make it look that way either. My aunts were beautiful, both on the outside and the inside - they were also amazing women who were very feminine and ladylike. I was very blessed to have known them.

  7. Oh wow - the internet description of a strong woman us remarkably ugly and horrible sounding!! I am SO thankful the Scriptures have given us a clear indication as to what GOD considers true beauty to be in a woman - and I would MUCH rather pursue His definition of a strong woman than that of the world!
    Yes - my great aunts were rather beautiful. But I know a lot of beautiful women - both in the family and out of the family... and the one thing about each of them is that their beauty doesn't come from their appearance alone - it originates in a woman who loves and serves the Lord first and foremost.

    1. The scriptures are very clear and they are quite the opposite to the modern very of a strong woman. These three ladies were ladies, feminine and graceful but funny and intelligent.I am so glad to knew them growing up as they were such role models of a Godly woman.


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