Art Friday: Brenda Cablayan

Artist: Brenda Cablayan

Brenda is a painter living and working on Oahu, Hawaii. She started her art career as an illustrator, then turning her attention to fine art. Her most common scenes include rural and urban scenes, beaches and agricultural fields. Working from her photographs, she pulls her inspiration, first from the real image, then to the colors, abstract and real shapes in the photograph.

For more of her wonderful work, check out her page: LINK


  1. I love this style of painting.
    It almost looks like, paint by numbers, only better.

    1. Paint by numbers! Yes! That is just what I think too :)
      Great paintings, Jo, kind of peaceful...

    2. I had not thought of it like this, but I can see where you are coming from. !!!

      They very relaxing Bets and I do love the colours.

  2. Aren't these lovely! I really like the second last one of the house and the little corner porch. I could easily sit there to read, sit tea, or have conversations with friends.

    Thank you for sharing...

    1. Can I join you :))) it looks like such a lovely spot to be.

  3. I do prefer art that is more detailed - these are quite "blocky", and don't portray light in the way some artists are able to... but there is some appeal in them :)

    1. The more I look at them, the more I enjoy them - I can feel the warmth of the climate in them, perhaps by the way she has painted them.


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