Art Friday: Chris Wormel

Artist: Chris Wormel

Chris Wormel was born in 1955 in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire (UK). He had no formal training as an artist, working as a road-sweeper, rubbish collector, postman, and a factory worker. An interest in landscape painting led him to buy a set of wood engraving tools in 1982, and to teach himself how to use them. His first commercial book, An Alphabet of Animals, published in 1990 won that year's Graphics Prize at the Bologna International Children's Book Fair. 

He has published some 14 illustrated books and acted as illustrator of others' work on at least 18 more. His work has also been published as greeting cards and he designed the artwork for a series of advertisements for Adnams, a regional brewer based in Suffolk.


  1. The limited use of colors, only intensifies and emphasises the subjects.
    Great story of his beginnings.

    1. The more I look at them, the more I really enjoy them :)

  2. There is hope for us all :)

    Nice work too!

  3. Jo, I love these! Thanks for introducing us to them.

  4. Just fantastic. Thank you for sharing these.


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