Too many shoes?

Can a girl have too many shoes?

Do you wear all the shoes you own?

Do you want more?

Do you buy a new pair every season?

Due to a foot problem, a young woman was required to buy a comfortable pair of shoes that would help her feet recover and due to the price, bought only one pair. This is what she discovered after wearing one pair of shoes all year:

Ultimately, my year of wearing one pair of shoes taught me a few things: that you can learn to enjoy having fewer choices and that, truly, no one really cares what's on your feet. Unless it's especially bright, interesting or ugly, it's background noise. How do I know that? Not long before the shoes finally died, a colleague who'd seen me almost every working day for the past year stopped me in the hall and said: "Cute shoes! Have I seen those before?”

Only being able to wear one pair of shoes has changed the way I dress as a whole. Because I physically can't follow some fashions that rely on certain footgear, I'm less interested in being on trend and more interested in wearing things I like. I buy fewer clothes and like what I buy more. Now, I dress less to suit my shoes, and more to suit the activity I'm dressing for. Kind of like most men, I guess. (source)

We spend a lot of money on shoes —American women can spend up to $20,000 on shoes in their lifetime (source), many will never be wore. 

Most women own around 20 pairs of shoes, but generally wear only 5 (source). The reasons for not wearing the other 15:

1. Too uncomfortable (too tight on feet/too high heels) (64%)
2. Hard to match with an outfit (55%)
3. Scared to damage/were very expensive (41%)
4. Were given as a gift and don’t like them (37%)
5. Didn’t like them as much when I got them home (21%)

The message — we don't need to fill up our wardrobes with many different shoes—its true ladies, we don't need lots of shoes—and just imagine how much we will save and how much space we would have!!!

We need to think wisely when buying shoes—how comfortable are they, what will they be wore with and how often will I wear them. 
  • We need our Sunday best shoes—often a nude or classic black as they go with everything, these can be wore for formal occasions, weddings, to church, not wore often but still important. Perhaps a court shoe and a smart sandal. 
  • We need shoes that are suitable for work or smart outings—once again go for a  colour that will match everything in your wardrobe. If you are on your feet all day in your job, look for comfort over looks. 
  • Shoes for around the home —something flat and comfy that can be slipped on and off during the day. You may need another part for outdoor activities such as garden.
  • Shoes for walking—something sturdy and comfortable, often it is better to spend more to gain support and durability.
  • Shoes for popping down the shops in—ballet slippers and flats are great in all seasons and can go with any outfit. 
  • A couple of good pairs of sandals are also very useful in hot climates. 

We might need some variation for summer and winter, but to be honest, many shoes can be wore in both seasons, in particular in Australia. Boots are well worth purchasing in cold climates.

Ultimately shoes are to get us from A to B comfortably without hurting our feet. Shoes are to keep our feet warm in winter and give us protection from the elements. Shoes are important and we do need to wear them, but we don't need lots of them. As Christians, our focus shouldn't be on the latest fashions or or trying to impress others with our fancy shoes—we should be careful with our money and buy wisely, we should not be wasteful, therefore any shoes we do buy, we should wear often. 

So the next time you have an overwhelming desire to buy shoes, remember the verse from Matthew 6:19-21 in regards to earthly treasures and ask yourself — do I really need these shoes? The answer is probably no. 

Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal; but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

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  1. I use three different things for my feet these days =) I must admit sometimes I find it frustrating, but like the abovementioned woman, I don't have much choice currently. Still, it saves you time wondering what you should wear!!!! =)

    1. By the end of winter I am pretty tired of my shoes as I have worn a few pairs all the time, not that I don't have more - its just that those few are the most comfortable!!

  2. I love shoes and usually have different pairs for different events. I love how you end this post with a verse that's very fitting. It's a wonderful reminder. Thank you.

    1. Thankyou - I too like to have different shoes for different events, but as I age (as we all do) I tend to be drawn by my favourites and many shoes are left unworn :(

  3. Thanks this was interesting to learn. I have many shoes and yes I wear them all. lol But I am odd. Found you at the sunday link up :)

    1. I wish I wore all my shoes, but some just aren't as comfortable as others :( but I am trying to only buy those that are super comfortable and less about looks these days!!! Perhaps that is a sign I am getting too old :))

  4. Interesting read! I used to be in the "many shoes" categories but have found that I really only wear a few pairs (Birkenstock sandals, Blundstone boots, and riding boots).

    Often I see such pretty shoes, but force myself to ask if I really need them.


    PS: I found your post via the link up at Strangers and Pilgrims on Earth.

    1. Thanks so much for visiting - I am like you, no longer buy shoes on impulse simply because I just don't wear them enough :))

  5. Both of my grandmothers were lovers of shoes. I might have eventually followed in their lead if I hadn't sprained an ankle twice in one summer, making it too weak for heals, and later developed foot problems that forced me to limit my selection even further. I wear a specific brand of tennis shoes almost every day. I have some comfortable sandals and some regular Crocs and a pair of Crocs sandals and a pair of dress causal shoes which all get the most wear. I think I only have three pairs of shoes that I don't wear any more. I like them all, but they aren't quite comfortable enough any more for my feet, especially when I have to stand for awhile. One pair is sentimental as they are the ones I wore for our wedding. :-)

    Sometimes I feel sorry for myself a little when I see some really cute shoes that I would enjoy wearing. I'm quite fond of cute sneakers in particular. But, it does make life simpler to have fewer choices, and comfort is so much more important that "cuteness". ;-) Also, like the writer you quoted, I think I'd be more conscious of my clothing if I had a wide variety of shoes, so it simplifies in ways I hadn't really thought about before.

    Thanks for the thought provoking article. :-)

    1. I think lots of people are having trouble with their feet - some battle on in the name of fashion and others go for practical solutions.

  6. I grew up in a single parent household so we didn't have a lot. I hated having only one pair of shoes - sneakers - for winter when I was about 14. I wore them to school and anywhere else. How I longed to have enough money to buy a pair of knee high boots which were all the rage back then! Happily, I can now afford multiple pairs of shoes, but I'm certainly no Imelda Marcos!

    1. I can quite understand where you are coming from :) I use to wear lots of hand-me-downs from my older cousins and I looked forward to the day I could wear new clothes!!!

  7. I have very few shoes and most of them stay at home! I have two for wearing when I go out - covered shoes for winter & formal wear, and a pair of thongs for summer. For home I have a pair of wet weather boots, a pair of crocs and a pair of thongs - those suit all seasons and weathers between them. That's it for me. I'm barefoot inside the house (or socks if my feet are cold), so that makes it easy.

    1. I found a brand that is super comfortable which I can wear at work and at home and they are so inexpensive (but still leather) - they come in different colours and I have bought a few this winter and they are great.


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