Art Friday: Australian summer

Australia Summer

When one thinks of Australia, beaches and summer is often the first thing that springs to mind - here are some photos taken at the Sunshine Coast, in the State of Queensland. I spend a few days in Queensland in early November, the weather was very warm so a trip to the seaside was very welcome as the sea breezes were beautiful and cooling. This area is very popular with visitors and there are many apartments to stay at. The weather is warm and much more humid than southern Australia. 

I took this from the car window on our way to the Sunshine Coast. We all agreed that the tall trees made for a very interesting photo. 

The following three photos were taken in Brisbane, the capital of the State of Queensland - otherwise known as the Sunshine State as it is usually warm and sunny (probably a bit like Florida in climate).


  1. Beautiful! It's a cold, rainy, winter here in Oregon USA & your pictures are making me long for the warmth of summer.

    1. I am so glad they warmed you up. Summer has started early this year, right on the dot of 1st December!!! No gentle build up at all. Keep warm :) I might want some of that coldness if summer gets too hot here!!


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