An excellent wife: Investing in your marriage

One of the most important things in my life is keeping my marriage strong and healthy. 💕

If you neglect your garden, it becomes overgrown and things start to suffer. Some plants will die and others will battle hard to get above the weeds. But overall, the garden as a whole will no longer be as healthy and as beautiful as it once was. Marriage is a bit like this. Neglect your marriage and it becomes overgrown with weeds and things start with wither and die, it become bitter and very unhappy. 

As the say goes "marriage is hard work" and it is. 

You can't sit back and expect it to remain rosy as it was during the honey moon stage if you don't do anything.  We all need to work on our marriages to keep them fresh, strong, healthy, loving and romantic and that takes quite a lot of investing. 

As wives our main goal is to please our husbands, and likewise husbands to please their wives. Marriage isn't all about what the husband wants and nor is it about what the wife wants — it is about making each other happy because you love each other. 💖💖

To have a happy, harmonious marriage I need to do things my husband likes, for example cook his favourite meals, make sure the home is the way he likes it and kept it clean and tidy, taking care of the finances so they don't strain the budget, make sure bills are paid on time.  

Marriage is often a list of duties that we must perform and as Christians it is also submitting to our husbands and that all sounds very dry and unromantic, because often what is not mentioned is that a isn't all about cooking and cleaning, it is far more. Your husband is your bestest friend (*) and what do best friends like to do —having fun, enjoying each others company, having long conversations, laughing together, sharing stories, being intimate, cozying up on the couch and watching  a movie together, going for romantic walks, sitting outside and star gazing, caring for each other when not feeling well, listening when they sad, sharing tears, building each other up, encouraging each other, sharing ideas and thoughts, praying together. Doesn't that sounds like the ingredients to a beautiful marriage?

(*) Bestest friend: “Someone who is there for you day after day, no matter what, somebody better than a bestfriend, that has never left your side from day they got there, you have the most and best memories with them, fall out over stupid little stuff and are friends again with the hour, take stupid photos, talk about everything, the one you can trust with your life. Makes you smile by thinking about them, never fails too make you laugh or smile and always brightens up your day, bestestfriends is a promise not a label and you prove too eachother its not just for a day its forever!”

And we do all these things because we love our husbands and when you love someone, it is so easy to be kind, caring and loving.  When you have acknowledged that your husband is your bestest friend, things like compromising is so much easier. You are happy to give up something to make your husband happy and likewise he will be happy to comprise too.  When one can comprise, listen and being willing to make the other person happy, arguments disappear and marriage become stronger and stronger. 

Of course I am a realists and not all marriages work so perfectly and it can be very uneven — wives struggling to love men that aren't very loveable and husbands who have difficult wives. However, God has asked us to love one another, so we need to try really hard to do this and in time it will become easier. Never give up, keep on praying, talk to someone who is understanding and supportive. There is nothing wrong with seeking help to strengthen your marriage. Keep looking heavenward, as God knows your troubles and will help you through these troubled times. 

A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”

John 13:34-45



  1. Jo, Thank you for your reminder about marriage. When my husband and I were first married 20 years ago, I remember referring to it as " a little plant" that would require to be looked after in order to be healthy and grow. All these years later, we still speak of our marriage in this way, but with the trials and demands of life, it is easy to neglect our "bestestfriend" and take him for granted. This is such a timely reminder..

    Christine xx

    1. It is a beautiful way to talk about one's marriage as it puts it into perspective - unless you water and take care of the little plant it will die, marriage is just the same :)

  2. You may enjoy the book "The Meaning of Marriage" by Tim Keller. It has been very encouraging to my husband and me as we develop a Biblical perspective of marriage... And live it out daily!

    1. Thankyou Jessica - I haven't read any of Tim Keller books but I was looking at them on Amazon only the other day.


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