Art Friday: Photography of Lord Snowdon

Antony Charles Robert Armstrong-Jones, 1st Earl of Snowdon
Royal photographer

1930 - 2017

Lord Snowdon was married to Princess Margaret, younger daughter of King George VI and younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II. Margaret and Snowden divorce in 1978 (married in 1960). Lord Snowden died on the 13th of January this year and in remembrance of his royal photography I thought I would share a small selection of his work. 

Snowdon's first royal assignment in 1957
Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Anne photographed by Lord Snowdon, October, 10, 1957
Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Mother, Elizabeth (1997)
The Queen and with her grandson Peter Phillips
Princess Dianna and Harry
Princess Dianna
Queen Mother, Elizabeth 
William and Harry
Harry and his Dad (Prince of Wales)
HRH Princess Margaret, 1967
Princess Anne, Queen Elizabeth's only daughter


  1. These are really beautiful pictures.
    He captured a special "twinkle" that probably, only he could. The family looks at easy and almost playful.

    1. Many of those iconic photos of Princess Diana were by Snowden and I think he knew just how to capture her. I have always enjoyed his photography.


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