Art Friday: Thomas Joseph

Artist: Thomas Joseph 

I think I have posted this guy before, but I can't remember when!! I have done so many of these art Fridays that I have lost track of who I have share and those I haven't!!  Anyway I don't think it matters a great deal as these are so much fun and cheery that they will be bound to brighten up your day. 


  1. I don't remember seeing them before! They are cool!!!!!! =)

    1. I think they are - and I love all the greens in the paintings - green is one of my favourite colours!!

  2. Have you ever seen the claymation show Shaun the Sheep? It's made by the creators of Wallace and Granite and the movie Chicken Run; Aardman studios, I believe. Anyway, these pictures remind me of that show. So cute and funny. If you haven't seen the show I recommend it. It's for children but still funny. :)


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