Art Friday: Angela Clayton Costumery

Artist: Angela Clayton


I wanted to share this very talented young lady with you. She is 19 years old and lives on Long Island in New York. According to her blog “I began sewing three years ago and instantly fell in love with the process. I'm almost entirely self taught and have learned through trial and error. I always do my best but things don't always turn out so well - that's probably partially due to the fact i'm ambitious when it comes to sewing, If I want to create something I'll do it regardless of how complicated it is.”

When you look at these few examples, I think you will agree that she has an incredible gift. 

Here is a link to her blog
Instagram page:


  1. Love the dresses. I take every opportunity to wear a long dress with a full skirt and net petticoats. Sadly there are not many occasions - last year I only managed two Summer Balls.

    1. I love to wear long skirts (not the fancy ones) and our new puppy loves to hid under the fabric which is so funny but rather problematic as he is a big puppy!!! I would love to wear the type of skirt you are talking about, they must feel wonderful.

  2. Replies
    1. If only I could do half as good!!! I wonder how she stores them all - must have a very big cupboard.

  3. Hi Jo, Now that is really something! My grand daughter is learning to sew, when I was out there she got a new machine and she just loves it! Those gowns are amazing! Wish we still dressed like that sometimes... but not really practical anymore!
    Blessings, Roxy

    1. Hi Roxy, whilst not all her outfits are as nice as these and some less modesty - she is a very talented young lady and makes the most amazing outfits. If only I could sew half as good :)

  4. Gives me chills to see a young lady pour her heart into sewing and produce masterpieces like these.

    1. I wonder how she stores all of her outfits so not to crease them.


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