Part 1: Christian working women—Welcome

Part 1: Welcome 😊

I have decided to write a series of blog posts this year aimed at Christian working women. To offer encouragement, support, tips and advice in how to manage one’s work outside of the home and still be a keeper of your home and a wife and mother. And we need all the encouragement we can get as its a tough world out there.

I do hope you enjoy this series and find the information beneficial. If you are a stay-at-home wife and mother, I hope this give you insight into your sisters in Christ and show support and encouragement not them. And many of things in this series are relevant to all women i.e. time management. 

To opening admit to being a working Christian woman on some blogs is bad news — your comments are simply not published, you are forced to justify why you work and made to feel inadequate, a poor wife and mother who is neglecting her family and feeding them junk, living in a hovel and quite clearly unable to manage on one income. I have been told that I am un-Christian, that I am sinning, blaspheming God, going against the natural order of things, a feminist, sucked into the world's lie, following Satan — by women who confess to being Christians. 

One well known Christian writer described women who worked as being in the “wilderness, which is a type of confusion, deception, and delusion” and that their “children are devoured  by the enemy because they have vacated their post”. Sounds like it is lacking in any form of Christian love or compassion.  

Some have gone as far as banning me from commenting on their pages. I have lost count of the number of times I have been told that the only place a woman is allow to be is at home and for some bloggers, women must limit any outside activities so she can completely focus on home and family.  To anyone who has been reading my Women of the Bible series will discover quite quickly that women in biblical times were doing all sorts of activities and not necessarily at home for a very long time. 

I have also been told that women who work couldn’t possibly have God as their first priority because work would simply get in the way. My reply — God is with me AT ALL TIMES, at work and at home, when I am driving, at the shops or anywhere else and He is always my first priority just as He is with those who are at home. 

As working women we do not need to justify why we work — it is clearly no one else business. Sadly many women find themselves explaining why are they working — ie husband lost his job, to pay the bills, husband doesn’t earn enough or is ill and being told these are not good enough reasons as if the blogger knows you personally. Nor do you need to feel guilty when taking a holiday, sending you child to school, spending money or eating take-away occasionally. Your are not accountable to any of these bloggers. Your are only accountable to God. 

We are all experts at telling others how to live their lives— we condemn one another for working, raising children, nursing, bottle feeding, home-schooling, public-schooling, private-schooling, buying new, borrowing used, eating organic, frugal living etc..

It is time we stopped this and started supporting and cheering each other. To encourage and not discourage, to be blessing and not a hinderances. 

Stop pulling your sisters in Christ down and start lifting them up. 

I am not sure how many parts this series will have. I would love to hear from you and find out what you would like me to cover. Which areas in your life are you struggling with when it comes to work and home. 

I would like to end this first post with these verses from 1Thessalonians because, no matter where you are doing the day — at home, at work, helping others — REJOICE ALWAYS and PRAY WITHOUT CEASING

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)


  1. Thank you for this post! I work part time and in the past have worked much more. My husband and I are partners in all our service. I am happy in my place at home, rejoicing in my work, and in prayer in all my circumstances.

    1. Its great when families have worked out how to have a work life balance, it creates harmony at home for all. Pray is so important in all we do, but particularly for us women who do go off to work and having to juggle things. Without my faith I would fall apart I am sure. I do hope you enjoy this series over the coming months.

  2. I really enjoyed this and all your posts about working women. I don't find this kind of prejudice in real life. Most of the women at my church would never dream of condemning you like this, but, yes, I've seen this sort of things on Christian blogs, which for that reason, I no longer read.

    I recently started working part-time outside the home for the first time in over a decade, and while it's been difficult at times, blogs like yours have helped me to remember God is still with me. Thank you for your voice of reason.

    1. You are so right, I never get these comments from people face-to-face, Christian or non-Christian. They are supportive and encouraging to women who work. In fact many have lots of tips to help women manage home and work. I don't understand why it is so different in blogville :( I hope this series is helpful for you :) and if you have any topic you want covered, let me know.

  3. We are to serve and honor God.
    I believe a woman should obey their husbands. If he wants her to work outside the home, she should work.
    God will honor her for obeying.
    I'm not casting the first stone. I worked for years at at job outside my home.
    We ALL need to support and love each other. Each one of us has different circumstances.
    If I have any good and helpful tips, I'd love to pass them on, too.

    1. I think that is the important point - Each one of us has different circumstances and that is what is often forgotten. There is one blogger who likes to say that she couldn't combine work and home, therefore she can't believe anyone else could to :( Many of the posts I have prepared are suitable for all women, not just one's that work outside the home. Have a wonderful week. xx

  4. Hooray! I'm super excited about this series! :)

    1. SO glad - and I am enjoying writing them too :)


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