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Below is part of an interesting article from "Focus on Family" by Joanne Kraft (SOURCE). I have taken the part that looks at all the little things that parents teach their children i.e. picking up toys and why these small steps are so important later in life. 

Sometimes being a parent is just so hard — but what you are doing is SO important, perhaps it is hard to see right now, but later on when the fruits of your labour flourish, it will all make so much more sense. 

I hope you enjoy this article. 

Small steps, big beginnings

One day when my kids were young, I slumped down at my kitchen table and dropped my face into my hands. Tears welled as I prayed silently. Really, Lord, is this my lot in life? Teaching children to put away their toys? Reminding them repeatedly to use kind words and to share with each other? Lord, surely You must have something bigger, more important for my life.

After I whined to a friend about yet another frustrating day, she gently said, “Don’t despise the days of small beginnings.”

Her words stung a bit. But they also encouraged me. I knew the Scripture she was referring to: God encouraged Zerubbabel in his efforts to rebuild the temple — a gargantuan task that had its beginnings in far less monumental ways (Zechariah 4:10). Isn’t that what we’re doing as parents? It’s a big mission — to help kids become healthy, wise and resilient adults — and it’s done every day through small decisions, through small beginnings. Each tiny opportunity we have as parents is full of purpose.

It’s the small things, the tiny beginnings that mold and shape us to be the parents our children need most.

Charles Spurgeon gives hope to parents when he writes: “God will give success to your little works: God will educate you by your little works to do greater works; and your little works may call out others who shall do greater works by far than ever you shall be able to accomplish.”

  • Teach your child to pick up her toys, and you may raise a responsible adult.
  • Teach your child to share, and you may raise a kind adult.
  • Teach your child to choose words carefully, and you may raise an encouraging adult.
  • Teach your child to serve, and you may raise a sacrificial adult.
  • Teach your child patience, and you may raise an adult who knows peace.
  • Teach your child about hard work by experiencing hard work, and you may raise an adult who won’t go hungry.
  • Teach your child about heartache, and you may raise an adult who has joy in any storm.
  • Teach your child not to fear, and you may raise an adult who can face any adventure life brings.
  • Teach your child to value differences, and you may raise an adult who respects all people.
  • Teach your child to be happy with little, and you may raise an adult who is content.
  • Teach your child all the reasons you love God, and you may raise an adult who desires to love God, too.


  1. Thanks for the encouragement ❤

  2. Thanks for the reminder that our ordinary work has eternal consequences.

    1. Like so much of what we do - the little things are important :)


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