Inspiring Friday

Life can be wonderful — it is completely up to YOU.

You can choose to be miserable.

You can choose to be grumpy.

You can choose to be unhappy.

You can choose to be argumentative. 

You can choose to be nasty.

You can choose to be sad.

You can choose to be unpleasant to others. 

Or you can choose to be happy and joyful even if your life isn't that great. 

It is entirely in your hands and no one else's. 

You alone are responsible for your happiness. 


  1. Just what Sarah Grace needed 😊

    1. I am sure she will get the hang of it!!!

  2. Amen! Thank You for the reminder, and I love the pictures.

    1. I love sunflowers - to me - sunflowers are what joy looks like!!!!

  3. Your timing on this post is impeccable!
    God is good!


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