Understanding Friday

Mother's Day . . . a day that brings great joy to the first time mums and great grief to the woman who cannot conceive.

Mother's Day is a tough, hard day for all the women who so desperately want children but have not been blessed with any. It is so important to remember these women, not in pity but in love and care. These women have suffered a great deal and do not need to be quizzed by others (who may have many children) why they don't have any.  Some of these women may have lost their only babies via miscarriage and the pain may still be raw. Others may have never had the joy of ever carrying a baby. Only God understands why and we need to be respectful, gentle and understanding. We need to remember these women on Mother's Day and not just think of our own blessings. 

And lets also remember all the mothers who have lost children (young or older) from accidents, cot death, suicide, from illness and also for all the mothers who's children have strayed and no longer have any contact with them. These women are in pain and Mother's Day is a reminder of what has been lost, what can no longer be held. 

However, whether we have zero biological children or twelve, our opportunities to nurture others and “mother” others in the faith are overwhelming.

Adoptive mothers mother. Fostering mothers mother. Biological mothers mother. Disciple-making women mother. The nurturing work of motherhood is not constrained to biological birth alone. If you do not have children, there are many other ways of nurturing that can bring much joy. No, it never replaces the desire for one’s own children, but what a gift you can share with others.  

Please remember all these women on Mother's Day 😊


  1. The second painting is gorgeous!!!!!
    Every day should be Mother's Day, and can be!!! Every time your children say "please", "thank you" and "I love you Mummy" - that's Mother's Day ❤ Those three phrases make any day brighter 😁


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