Inspiring Friday

Earlier this week I wrote about the importances of telling children the truth about world events. The article I linked to made a very important comment:  

Point your kids toward all the good that is happening.

This is so true because there is a lot of good happening around us, but sadly we usually only hear of the bad and that gives such a lopsided view of the world. 

So, whilst it is important to tell your kids about world events, balance it with the beauty that is all around us. Just check out nature and it will blow you away:

Autumn (Fall)

However,  don't forget all the people that are doing great work every day and we simply forget to acknowledge them:

The paramedics
The  fire fighters
The police
Doctors and nurses
Those who collect my garbage
The lady in the supermarket
The farmers growing my food
The charity workers looking out for the less fortunate  . . . 

They all do invaluable work but we rarely ever say thanks. 


  1. I love your pictures today!!! =) Especially the red flowers =)


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