Advise for husbands

I thought after the advise I provided on Monday for wives, I thought I would select some "DON'T's for husbands" from a book of the same name, this one was written in 1913.

Don't worship your wife as a saint, and then when you discover that she is, after all, of common clay, spend the rest of your life mourning her deterioration.

Don't keep her in cotton-wool.  She isn't wax - she's a woman.

Don't try to regulate every detail of your wife's life.  Even a wife is an individual, and must be allowed some scope.

Don't omit to bring home an occasional bunch of flowers or a few chocolates.  Your wife will vale even a penny bunch of violets for your thought of her.

Don't dwell on the beauty of other women if you know your wife to be sensitive on the point.

Don't forget to trust your wife in everything - in money matters; in her relations with other men; in her correspondence.  Trust her to the utmost and you will rarely find your trust misplaced.

Don't persist in wearing your hair or your moustache in a style you know she hates.  Just try it another way to please her.

Don't spend all your money on the garden because that is your hobby, and leave non for the house if that happens to be your wife's hobby.

Don't sit down to breakfast in your shirt-sleeves in hot weather on the grounds that "only your wife is present".  She is a woman like any other woman.  The courtesies you give to womankind are her due, and she will appreciate them.

AND (I love this one!)

Don't sharpen pencils all over the house as you walk about.  Try a hearth or a waste-paper basket.  It does not improve either the carpets or the servants' tempers!

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  1. Pencils?!! hahaha! That is a funny one Jo!

    I enjoyed reading these... advice still wonderful for today.

  2. Yes, that last one really clinches it, that's for sure. I'm sure more marriages are ruined over that one!!!

    Loved the post!

  3. Hahahaha!! That is SO funny!! I must get Dan to read these ;) LOL :)

  4. Hmmm, I must haul my jacket out of the wardrobe for the breakfast table - does that include a tie as well??? What next, soon we won't be allowed to slop around in barefeet at breakfast either. :)

  5. "Even a wife is an individual....."

    What a novel idea - to think that a 'wife' could actually be an individual.

    Thank goodness times have changes, although I wouldn't mind some servants to pick up the pencil shavings my children seem to get all over the house!

  6. These are so funny! especially the first point and the last point:)
    who me a saint? (I am in the Biblical sense but not in the context of what is being said here) I don't think my dh has ever thought that about me though he loves me dearly! :)

  7. Very practical advice:)

    I find that communication is also a very important factor in a blessed marriage.

    Blessings dear Jo.

  8. hello Jo,
    Since I live in California, were a day behind you, so whenever I look at your post date, I sometimes forget that & check my calendar (Hee Hee) Great post! My husband is not big on bringing me flowers, but for mothers days he did, and he thought they were great because they were purple and yellow like the colors of his favorite basketball team, The lakers. Ok, the pencil sharpening gets out of control at my house, because my husband is a teacher. I enjoyed your blog. Oh' I posted and then deleted and reposted the same poem, but with a little revision, 3 hours later. I have to get a handle on this, it's like live T.V.
    God bless your day,
    Michele Katherine

  9. Pencil shavings are not an issue here so...can I replace it with "don't rub your feet on the cream carpet while wearing dark blue work socks-they leave little fluff balls that the servants (vacuum cleaners)can't pick up" lol!! Great list-some a little funny but others still wonderful advice for nowdays too. blessings..Trish

  10. Hahaha! I can leave a few shavings for the servants if only the socks, jocks, towels, tools, etc. get picked up, eh??!!
    And a little wrapping in cotton wool can be nice, too ♥
    Classic Jo~

  11. Oh, Jo, these made me laugh. Thanks for the smiles today. I've been on my husband for years about leaving pencil shavings around the house. :) LOL

  12. Jo,

    This list was very entertaining to read. Where did you ever find these books? I wish I had some in my library, for I think they would be fun to read. :)


    -Lady Rose

  13. Lady Rose - Below are links to the 3 books I have. They are very little books full of many wise words. This particular bookstore (UK) has free postage incase you are interested in buying them (just selected the right currency). I first saw them in a gift shop and found them very interesting. I was reading them out to my mum on the phone the other day, she really enjoyed them and found some very funny.

    Does you librady buy books that you suugest?

  14. This is great...I so enjoy your resources and now want to go check some of them out...or find them.
    This one is priceless...I should send it to my married son...I can just hear him now
    There are some very good points!


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