Art Wednesday: Janis Galbraith Fitch

North Truro Hilltop
Artist: Janis Galbraith Fitch
Born: USA
Contemporary landscape painter, oils

A couple of weeks ago I included three works by Janis Fitch in my Art Wednesday "Cows" theme.  I enjoyed her work so much I thought I would share some more of her lovely summery art.
Town beach, North Truro
Janis Galbraith Fitch received her bachelor of fine arts degree, with a concentration in painting and drawing, from the University of Delaware in 1979. She is originally from Teaneck, New Jersey but has spent most of her adult life in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Summers have always been spent in the little town of North Truro in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Fitch paints in oils, using intense color to interpret what she sees. Her subject of choice is the Cape Cod landscape with its beautiful skies and warm sunlight. Her trademark cows are also frequently painted and often show up on the Cape beaches! (source)

Her artwork reminded me very much of Edward Hopper (American artist 1882-1967), in particular his outdoor scenes of the sea/beach and beach cottages (link).  In an interview Fitch did last year she said that the artist that she most highly respected was in fact Edward Hopper so I am not surprised to see she is drawing on inspiration from his works. 

Cornhill Cabins
North Truro town
Pamet River
Weathered at Wellfeet
Herring Cove Holsteins
Beach Point sunset

For more works by Janis Fitch's visit her website: Link


  1. And just the way you like things! Lots of strong colour. Some of these I think are lovely. Others feel a little weird to me, like a colour by numbers painting because the blending isn't there. Once again thanks for sharing.

  2. I like some of these, and others... not so much - same as Ganeida!! I do like the bright colours though, and her work is definitely better than that of some artists out there!!


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