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What a horrid day

This has been a horrid day and I am glad it is almost over. This is how the day went: 6:00am - Brenin runs into house (for his walk) and crashes into a glass bowl, which smashes all over the floor (he wasn't hurt) 6:15am - I get out the vacuum cleaner - it didn't work - the electrical cord breaks off from the machine :) 7:00am - Tristan gets up in a very bad mood as his brother isn't home, so he will have to wait until Caius arrives (to meet to the TV man to fix the TV) - late going to the gym 3:00pm - Caius phones up very cross - waited all day for the TV repair man - still hasn't arrived 4:30pm - One way home - traffic banked up, took another road and got slightly lost!! 5:15pm - TV repairman finally arrives - very late (TV now fixed) 6:10pm - Took Zarqa to the vet to be put down (very sad and emotional) - he lived a very long life (16 years) considering he was a Ridgeback/Great Dane 6:30pm - leaving vet - traffic accident (3 cars), holds up traffic 6:50pm

Interesting Books

I have just finished two interesting books, which I would recommend to others: Love in a Torn Land by Jean Sasson : Not knowing anything about the Kurds of Iraq, this was a fascinating read, covering the period from the early 1970's to the late 1980's which includes the rise of Saddam and the terrible chemical attacks on the Kurdish villages where thousands died. It is told through the eyes of one Kurdish woman (Joanna) who marries a freedom fighter and lives in the mountains - will to die to create a nation of their own. In the end it all becomes to much (they had a baby to consider) and finally decide to immigrate to the UK. The genocide on these people is just horrible - why does man do horrendous things to others? Multiple Blessings by Jon & Kate Gosselin and Beth Carson : I picked this one up from the Koorang sale on Saturday - After having twins, Kate and Jon (USA) decide to have another child, however this turned out to be sextuplets. Through their faith, they

All quiet

I'm beginning to get worried as I haven't heard from anyone - is anyone out there?? Please do leave a comment if you are passing by :) Last weekend I bought a scanner and been busy scanning in old family photos. So far I have done 139 with many more to do. It is such a time consuming job but well worth it. I will be turning these photos into a printed book - that's when the fun starts. Below are two photos, one of my 3 aunts - I think they have the most beautiful faces. The second photo is of my 5 great-aunts - Frieda, Bertha, Tilly, Sarah and Luise (who I was named after). These 5 sisters had 5 brothers! The third photo is of my cousin Fran and I in our Sunday best - back in the 1970's. I loved that handbag, I thought it was so trendy!! To my job - I have been in the new job for 3 weeks, one week home sick with the flu. I am on the mend, but not quite 100% well. I have coughed through this week and will be very pleased when the cough finally goes - I a

Happy 3rd Birthday Gaia

Gaia turns 3 today, not that he had any idea it was his birthday and nor did he get any gifts (just a hug). What a cute dog - well, if you like Dobermans, which I do!!


Welcome to my new blog, I have also decided to move from xanga to a new site which is ad free and offers a few more options - sorry Kath, I have copied your idea - but it was very good one. You may notice changes to this blog over time as I make improvements, bear with me. Enjoy. PS my old blog address is