What a horrid day

This has been a horrid day and I am glad it is almost over. This is how the day went:

6:00am - Brenin runs into house (for his walk) and crashes into a glass bowl, which smashes all over the floor (he wasn't hurt)

6:15am - I get out the vacuum cleaner - it didn't work - the electrical cord breaks off from the machine :)

7:00am - Tristan gets up in a very bad mood as his brother isn't home, so he will have to wait until Caius arrives (to meet to the TV man to fix the TV) - late going to the gym

3:00pm - Caius phones up very cross - waited all day for the TV repair man - still hasn't arrived

4:30pm - One way home - traffic banked up, took another road and got slightly lost!!

5:15pm - TV repairman finally arrives - very late (TV now fixed)

6:10pm - Took Zarqa to the vet to be put down (very sad and emotional) - he lived a very long life (16 years) considering he was a Ridgeback/Great Dane

6:30pm - leaving vet - traffic accident (3 cars), holds up traffic

6:50pm - HOME AT LAST - lamb shanks and mash potato for dinner followed by lemon meringue pie (need something sweet to eat!!)

On a plus - the vacuum cleaner is going back to Dyson to be repaired (free) - will be picked up tomorrow. And at work I have now been given my areas of responsibility and I am very pleased that I am going to be looking after all the social statistics requests.

Tomorrow will be much better - my new phone arrives:)


  1. It is very sad to put down a dog. We certaily felt it after putting Kattie down, so we can all sympathise with you. Bad days! I suspect God is seeing how we might respond!

    A question - why did you move to blogspot?



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