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C is for colour

C is for COLOUR
Back in December I was reading Mara Mayflower's blog (link) and her lovely story on COLOUR.  One reason why I liked her story was because I love colour. Colour is important to me.  I am drawn to things of colour.  I have a house full of bright colour. I love to wear strong colours. I planted sunflowers in my garden to add colour. I even buy kitchen appliances that are bright and colourful. Colour makes me happy and I surround myself with colour to keep me cheerful.  If I am sad or lonely, I wear red or pink and I feel so much better. I couldn't live without colour.
God made our planet to burst with colour, no matter where you look, there is colour everywhere.  Just witness a sunset . . . a rainbow . . . a rose . . . peacock's tail . . . a butterfly . . . colour is everywhere.  
A world with no colour would be a very sad world indeed. My favourite colours are red, pink, purple and orange . . . bright, brilliant colours that stand out and want to be noticed.�…

The modern child

This was written by Marjorie Bligh, now 94 years old (born in 1917).  She wrote this a number of years ago but I think if she updated it to now, she would be more scathing of the modern child than she is here.  ~oOo~

As children we were not allowed to express our feelings to Mother or our teacher, we were not allowed to answer back even if we were in the right, and if we dropped a log of wood on our foot, we couldn’t say “damn”, it was swearing.  We had to be “seen and not heard”, and were not to speak when grown-ups were speaking.
How times have changed!

We were not allowed to answer the door when there was a knock and sex was never mentioned, but today they say it is essential and we all know the results. When we were asked to do a job, we did it immediately.  Now it is “wait a minute”.

Discipline isn’t practiced these days. Children tell their parents what they want to eat, wear, where they want to go, and are allowed to sit up late at night.  They answer the telephone when you ring t…

Turn your eyes upon Jesus

Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face, and the things of earth Will grow strangely dim In the light of His glory and grace.
Turn your thoughts upon Jesus Think deep in His comforting love And the thoughts of self And the sin of strife Will be lost in the rapture above.
Give your heart unto Jesus Cast each heavy burden aside. And the joy and peace Of his presence near Will enter and ever abide.
by Helen H. Lemmel (1922)

Thrift shopping

My 19 year old son loves second-hand shopping (mother like son!) and is always looking for a bargain so he was very excited about taking me to a place he had discovered recently. Off we went yesterday to a large shed not far from a local dump - it was full of "stuff" and with a little searching we found heaps of bargains - I was as excited as he was. I could not believe the total price. For everything below we paid $30 (US/Aus). I think I will take my eldest son on our next trip as he might find some things for his house.


This acoustic guitar was in excellent condition - my son thought it hadn't been played very much as it is hardly worn at all.  It had only just arrived at the store, so we were very fortunete to get it as it would have gone quickly.  He really wanted an acoustic guitar so he could learn more spanish music that he loves to play (his grandmother was of Basque hertiage, so I think it is in his blood!). Once he replaced the strings, the sound was excelle…

Whiskey Marmalade Jam

Mrs Beeton describes the kitchen in the following way:
"It must be remembered that it is the great laboratory of every household, and that much of the "weal or woe" as far as regards bodily health, depends upon the nature of the preparations concocted within its walls". I have been experimenting in my great laboratory . . . making whiskey marmalade jam. Now, I do not like marmalade jam . . . never have, never will.  However my DH and son love it . . . so this jam was made completely with love. 
I used 4 large oranges and 2 medium lemons. All peeled and cut up (chunky style), placed in a large saucepan with 6 cups of water. Cooked for 1 hour until the peel was soft.
After 1 hour, measure the fruit mixture, allowing 1 cup of sugar (1/2 dark brown & 1/2 white) per cup of fruit mixture.  Return fruit mixture, treacle (2 tablespoons) and sugar to the heat - stir until sugar dissolves. Bring to the boil, uncovered, without stirring for about 40 minutes or until marmalade…

Australia Day

Today is Australia Day . . . its the day we celebrate all things Australian.

It is also a public holiday.

We had a long discussion at work about Australia Day and what it meant to each of us . . . it was interesting as none of us like the changes we are beginning to see . . . towards being much more patriotic and nationalist, something I am not keen on as it can go a step too far.  We also thought the day had turned into one large drinking party with a concert and fireworks at the end and this wasn't the real purpose of the day.  This comment by Tracy Spicer summed up my views nicely (source): And it is increasingly celebrating the worst aspects of our national character, where rather than being a day for thoughtful reflection on our history and our values, it’s starting to look more a half-witted contest to see how much meat you can eat and how much grog you can sink. I read recently that many Australians see Australia Day (and ANZAC Day) as being more important that Christmas . . …

Art Wednesday: Albert Namatjira

Artist: Albert Namatjira 1902 - 1959 Australian Indigenous painter: Landscape painter
Albert (Elea) Namatjiri was born in central Australia at the Hermannsburg Mission near Alice Springs.  After a western style upbringing on the mission, at the age of 13, Namatjira returned to the bush for initiation and was exposed to traditional culture as a member of the Arrernte community (in which he was to eventually become an elder).  After he returned, he married his wife Rubina at the age of 18. His wife, like his father's wife, was from the wrong "skin" group and he violated the law of his people by marrying outside the classificatory kinship system. In 1928 he was ostracised for several years in which he worked as a camel driver and saw much of central Australia, which he was later to depict in his paintings.
Although doing a small amount of rough but non-traditional artwork in his youth, Namatjira was introduced to western style painting through an exhibition by two painters fr…

B is for butter

B is for BUTTER
I had an idyllic childhood on a farm, looking back it was as perfect a childhood as one could have - I just didn't know it at the time. Farm life brought farm food and this included having some milking cows that supplied the family with milk, cream and butter.  I didn't take much notice of how the butter was made, it was just something that was made very regular and I enjoyed eating it.

Now that I am an adult, I wish I had paid more attention.  But isn't that always the case . . . as a child you take things for granted and as an adult you wish you had listened. In recent years I have started to grow my own vegetables, plant fruit trees and make my own preserves and jams . . .  I am not expert, but my dad is, so I have been draining my dad's brain of all his knowledge (!) so I can learn everything he knows so I too can become an expert like him!  Why has it taken me 40 years to start learning what I should have learnt when I was 10!!

But getting back t…

Mothers are special

Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her.  Proverbs 31:28

God made mothers more special than anyone else.  He made them the bearers of life and in so doing, knew they had to be more exceptional than the rest of us.

He made them the cornerstone of the home, the foundation of the family, the backbone of society, the ideal of all that is best with the human race.

They are the guardians of decency,
the preservers of peace,
the upholders of truth,
the protectors of morality,
the symbol of virtue,
an inspiration to all that is noble and good in life,
and love knows no greater representative than that of a mother’s love.

Upon our earth, no title is more revered and no sound more beautiful or sweeter heard than the tender loving word - mother.

authors unknown

Even though mothers are no longer looked upon with such importance, let us carry the torch for all mothers and spread the word of how important they are and how important the role of mothers are in…

Project 365

Have you heard of Project 365?
Nor had I until my cousin (Clara) showed it to me.
For 365 days you add a single photo (per day) to your project365 webpage and by the end of the year there are 365 photos you have taken . . . one per day.  Its like a photo diary. So far I have taken 8 photos of something I have seen or done . . . it doesn't need to be a masterpiece or work of art.  On most occasions I use my iPhone so it really is that easy. I am now finding myself looking for "that" photo each day . . . it has been fun finding something different.
You can leave comments, however you do need to sign it to do this.
Here is the link to my Project 365

The cat, a garage and the car

I just have to share a story with you . . . its about a cat, a garage, the family car and a music speaker.
On Tuesday evening my husband shut the garage door as he does every night.  We went inside and had dinner, watched a little TV and went to bed at 10:30pm.  Most nights Charlie (below) comes inside and sleeps in her little pink bed.  However with our warmer summer weather she has been staying out at night mouse hunting and then sleeping on the bench by the front door.

When I awoke at 6am on Wednesday I opened the lounge room blinds but noticed that Charlie wasn't in her usual spot, but thinking she was still busy hunting, I went off and got ready for work. At 6:45am I took the garbage outside, still no Charlie.  I thought this was odd as she is always home by this time as she is ready for breakfast.   Whilst outside I opened the garage and out ran one very sad cat . . . DH had locked Charlie in the garage and she couldn't get out all night.

So what did Charlie get up to in …