The cat, a garage and the car

I just have to share a story with you . . . its about a cat, a garage, the family car and a music speaker.

On Tuesday evening my husband shut the garage door as he does every night.  We went inside and had dinner, watched a little TV and went to bed at 10:30pm.  Most nights Charlie (below) comes inside and sleeps in her little pink bed.  However with our warmer summer weather she has been staying out at night mouse hunting and then sleeping on the bench by the front door.

When I awoke at 6am on Wednesday I opened the lounge room blinds but noticed that Charlie wasn't in her usual spot, but thinking she was still busy hunting, I went off and got ready for work. At 6:45am I took the garbage outside, still no Charlie.  I thought this was odd as she is always home by this time as she is ready for breakfast.   Whilst outside I opened the garage and out ran one very sad cat . . . DH had locked Charlie in the garage and she couldn't get out all night.

So what did Charlie get up to in the garage . . . she tried so hard to escape and as a result she pushed off one of those very large old fashion timber speaker (from a stereo system) from a shelf which then fell and hit the car (see below).

DH was NOT IMPRESSED with the dent and scratch in the side of the new car!! Off it went to the smash repairs that afternoon for a quote . . . to discover that it will cost over $1000 to repair (US/Au). It isn't a huge dent, but the panel will need to be replace and to make it even more complicated, it isn't a plain black car, it is pearl black . . . requires more specialised paint!  Thanks for insurance is all I can say as we only have to pay a portion . . . but any amount is too much!

It will take 3 days to repair which is a pain as we only have one car . . .  well, it could have been worse!

PS the cat is fine, just a little grumpy.  DH is fine, just a little grumpy.
Life is never dull.


  1. Oh Charlie..
    What a naughty kitty.
    We have a shed in our back yard and one day my husband had the misfortune of being the first one to open it in several days. For his efforts he was startled and sore. You see a big black cat saw it's way of escape and thought my DH looked just like a tree. The cat raced out the door and clawed it's way up and over my husband as if a wild thing was chasing it. My husbands clothes were torn in the process and he had lovely scratch marks up his body. The scared feline was never to be seen again.
    We have no idea how long it had been in the shed or who it belonged to.
    I am glad you found your charlie, my husband thinks it looks like a darker version of our mischievous Minkala. I think my husband is feeling lucky that our car won't fit into our garage. Our sympathies to you and your husband.
    Blessings to you

  2. ha ha - or prob should not be so ha ha about it as it really sad for the cat terrifying too and the car will it will fix , but pocket pain is not nice either! thanks for sharing, Shaz in oz.x

  3. Shaz, both the insurance company and the crash repair company laughed at the story and told us that they had heard similar stories about cats and cars before!!

  4. Nell, I got some small scratches from our other cat (Ruby) when I tried to comb her and they hurt so I can imagine how much your husband hurt after his ordeal. Not pleasant at all.

    Charlie has now fully recovered and not visiting the garage at the moment.

  5. Shame, shame about the car. But I really enjoy a bit of your story. Because it shows how life is. with a cat. And a garage. And a car.

  6. Oh no!! And here I thought it was bad that a stone hit our car windscreen (spat from a truck's tyres as it drove past) the other day and left a nasty crack and chip (two star-bursts close together)... Not sure how much that will cost or whether our insurance will cover it, but I sure hope so!
    Too bad your car's colour isn't a normal colour - I'm sure that makes a big difference.

  7. OMG!!! I can not believe this story! Part of me wants to laugh-- but I can tell you that the Gardener would be SO not happy here!!! Poor kitty-- so glad she is ok-- in her defense- it really wasn't her fault!!

    Great story though-- we can laugh about it later!!

    Love you-

  8. lol Jo. I guess your DH will be more careful in future & ensures he does not lock the cat in the garage with his beloved car!

  9. Ganeida - Charlie is keeping her distance and going no where near the garage or the car, I think she will remember this for a LONG time!!

  10. Wew, good thing you made that PS at the end of the post. I think Charlie panicked so much. What a poor cat… I can imagine her crying all night. =( Anyway, thanks to your insurance, you didn't have to pay too much.


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