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In The Garden
(written by C. Aus­tin Miles, 1912)
I come to the garden alone,
while the dew is still on the roses.
And the voice I hear, falling on my ear,
the Son of God discloses.
And He walks with me,  and He talks with me, and He tells me I am His own; and the joy we share as we tarry there,  non other has ever known. He speaks and the sound of His voice, is so sweet the birds hush their singing,  and the melody that he gave to me with my hear is ringing
And He walks with me,  and He talks with me, and He tells me I am His own; and the joy we share as we tarry there,  non other has ever known.


Why did I wake up at 4:30am this morning (without an alarm clock) when I didn't need to get up early - however on Sunday morning when I do need to be up at 4:30am to take my husband to the airport to catch a 6:30 flight and I bet I will struggle to get out of bed.Why do my family empty food items (eg milk) and put the empty cartons back into the fridge. I wonder if they think the fridge eats the empty items!Why can I spend hours watching my cats play and only manage a few minutes of ironing before I came completely bored?Why do trades-persons, who promise to be at your home between 1 - 5pm, always turn up well after 5:00pm?Why do I bother reading the newspapers or watching the news on TV when I am fed "dumbed down news" that includes unimportant trivia on actors! Why was I so excited with the release of the "iPad" from Apple - silly question - I love Apple products, which is why we are an Apple household:) (excluding eldest son who strongly dislikes Apples hard…

Exciting news :)

Exciting news - today Tristan went for an interview (10:00am) today and by 1:00pm he had been offered a full time permanent job (in our nearby retail centre).  The work will be in retail but along the IT line - with standard hours and an opportunity to earn a bonus each fortnight if doing well.

He had been hunting for months with no success (getting more stressed and unhappy), then on Monday I opened (employment website) and the first job I found was one I thought he should apply for (which he did).  He was contacted yesterday regarding the interview.  Only on Saturday we had searched the newspapers with no success.

Some would say this was just good luck - not me - after months of prayers (from me and others), our prayers have been answered.  Only yesterday I wrote two verses in my bible study book "With God all things are possible" (Mark 10:27) and "In the Lord, I put my trust" (Psalm 11:1).  The Lord has been wonderful - but didn't answer those prayer…

Lack of sleep

I found an interesting article the other day about the lack of sleep in children and how it is affecting their mood, their behaviour and their academic ability at school - with a growing number of children suffering from lack of sleep. A doctor from the Sleep Disorders Clinic at Westmead Children's Hospital in Sydney believes electronic media and mobile phone use take much of the blame.

Until my sons hit their teens, sleeping was never a problem - they went to bed at set times, were allow to read for awhile or listen to audio tapes (stories) then off to sleep.  This all changed when they became teenagers - 14 onwards.  Now at 22, Tristan (my eldest) has very poor sleep patterns - often struggling to get to sleep (he has been known to hop in his car and go for a drive - which I don't like him doing) - he has tried different herbal teas with mixed results.  He wakes up early so he may only get 6 hours sleep per night.  It will be interesting to see if this poor pattern of slee…

Mondays Musings: Evening Walk

Yesterday evening (Sunday) my husband and I went for a walk (7:30pm) to the suburb next to us. By the time we had finished the walk the sun was setting and there was a beautiful cool breeze.  I am a big fan of summer walks at dusk, I love watching the sunset and drive my husband mad as I take the long way just so I am at the top of the hill by the time the sun is setting over the mountain range.  Last night was quite good - but some nights the sun creates the most magical orange and yellows and it is just magnificent.

I have invested in a smaller Canon (fits in my pocket) as my large SLR Canon is just too big to take on walks.  I think these photos turned out ok.

This is a new suburb (above) with lots of houses cramped into small spaces with tiny gardens - I wouldn't like to live in any of them. Each household lives almost on top of the next household - horrible, I like my space - it isn't like we are short on space.

My husband didn't want me to take a photo of his face - so …

Ruby up-date

Why do I waste money buying soft comfortable beds for my little Ruby to sleep in when she prefers this:

She has been sleep behind this photo for hours and very happy so wasn't overly thrilled when the flash went off in her face.  The photo below is another of her favourite places to watch the world - the top of the chair.  Even though Charlie (3 year old) isn't happy with Ruby's arrival she does get great pleasure in playing hide-and-seek and chasing her.

Quick and easy recipe: Mustard Pork Chops

Mustard Pork Chops
(fast, simple and tasty to make)
Serves 2

2 pork chops2 teaspoons garlic oil (if I don't have any, I just add garlic when I am cooking the chops)125ml of apple cider2 teaspoons of grainy mustard (more if you like)75ml of cream (I use lite cream)Gnocchi (enough for each person)
1. Bash pork chops briefly (but brutally) between clingfilm to make them thinner (this will make you feel good if you have had a stressful day).

2. Heat oil in pan and cook the chops over moderately high heat for about 5 mins a side.  Remove them to a warmed plate.

3. Pour cider into the pan, still over the heat, to de-glaze the pan.  Let it bubble away for a minute or so, then add the mustard and stir in the cream.

4. Let the sauce continue cooking for a few minutes before pouring over each plated pork chop.  leave some in the pan - add the gnocchi (that you have already cooked per instructions), make sure you have turn them in the pan to absord any spare juices before adding them to the plate…

My favourite....spots in the house

This weeks favourite things are two areas in my house that I really like - the first is my study area.  My husband and I share the study - he has one corner and I have the other.  My area is full of craft goodies, his area has computers and other electronic gadgets.  Below is a photo of my desk (where I am sitting right now) and next to it is my craft stuff (that I use to make cards).  Under the window is my photography project (scanning in old photos).  Before taking this photo I did do some cleaning and my desk was full of things!!!  Note the colour of the paint on the wall - I came home one day and my husband had painted the room 2 different colours - no idea why!!

The other area that I really like is in my lounge room by the front windows.  This is a lovely spot to read the newspaper on weekends (in the morning) as the sun creates lovely light.  I can look out at the garden and watch the birds.  Those aren't the correct chairs for the table - still looking for chairs that I lik…

Teaching boys to cook

My youngest son came home yesterday with 3 cup cakes for me (Chocolate) - he had made and decorated them - I took one to work today and it was delicious.  And on Sunday night he made dinner (Fettuccine with mushroom and chicken) and that was also very yummy.  He is very confident in the kitchen and willing to experiment with recipes.  He was interested for a while in being a chef but decided he won't like the constrains of a kitchen with other people telling him what to do.

Both my sons have been taught to cook, Tristan cooks all the time for his girlfriend (who isn't as keen on cooking) and for her family (who love his food).  He even buys cook books to increase his array of dishes.  He currently works in a kitchen at a local hospital (he hates his job) - but while there he chats to the chefs and gets ideas.

This got me thinking of the importance of teaching boy to cook and get involved in the kitchen (plus how to clean up their messes - something mine avoid).  My mum taught al…

No idea what to write DAY.....

I couldn't think of what to write today - I am tired after a day at work and I think I ate too much for dinner (I know I did)!!

As I write this my husband is watching a movie, both sons are out with their girlfriends and my little kitten (Ruby) is sitting on my lap trying to eating my fingers as I type.   Did I mention that she is ADORABLE......

So I thought I would tell you about my day (be warned it isn't that exciting - in fact it is quite dull - I could make up bits but I won't):
5:30am: my husband wakes up and gets breakfast (toast - which he takes back to bed) - I hide under the pillow trying to grab another 30mins of sleep.5:50am: husband takes Brenin for his walk6:05am: husband takes Gaia for his walk (it's too hard to walk both dogs as they are too strong for one person to manage)6:00am: I crawl out of bed and get my kitten and take her back to bed while I listen to the news6:15am: out of bed - horrible, yuck......I am not a morning person:(
7:00am: leave home7:…

Monday Musings: Lake Views

The theme this Monday is "Lake Views" - these photos where taken at Lake Burley Griffin in the  heart of the National Capital of Australia - Canberra. Canberra is a designed city (by the American architect Walter Burley Griffin) and the home of the Australian Parliament (which can be seen in the distances of the photo below).  This lake is man-made and is the heart of his design.  Being a designed city - some say it is cold with no character, - but that is usually from people who do not live here - but after 90 years I think it has improved greatly and is a beautiful place to live.  For more information check this link out:

In the photo above you can see new buildings rising in the city of Canberra.  It isn't like other cities (it's quite small) and part of the design was no tall buildings so it doesn't have the usual high rises seen in other places.

I know these last 2 photos aren't about lakes - the first one is a piece o…

Prayer request

My dear mother-in-law has had cancer (Ovarian) for the last 18months and now it has spread (to her lungs) and she is in hospital (where doctors want to do more tests - making her more distressed).   Fortunately she isn't in any great pain at this stage, however the drugs she is being given are making her feel even worse.

My husband and I don't live near by, but my husband is planning to fly and stay with her as long as needed (he will be able to work a few days a week when he is there).  She is a Christian woman which is such as relief as she knows she is going to heaven which gives her such joy, however she still feels scared about what is happening probably becuase she is no longer in any control over her life . 

Please pray that the next few months are as comfortable as possible and that she can put her faith completely in Gods hands.  And her doctors do the right things eg don't forget to give her her medication which caused her even more distress until my husband had a…

Favourite things: Cats

I have decided to make Fridays the day for "A few of my favourite things" and my first favourite thing is cats.  Now there is a reason for cats being my first favourite thing.......we currently have 2 dogs (Brenin and Gaia - both Dobermans),  1 cat (Charlie) and 1 rat (Scamps - belongs to Tristan)....

A couple of weeks ago I was introduced to some beautiful kittens but said no - we don't need another pet, we have enough....

But as time went by...

I weakened....

And yesterday I brought home a new kitten (9 weeks old) - a fluffy little girl, charcoal in colour and her name is ...






and she is adorable and the whole family LOVE HER...

Ruby is a Ragdoll which means she LOVES people.  As a result she will be an indoor cat otherwise she may become a not so live cat.

Charlie (our other cat who belongs to Caius) is feeling betrayed and cross...but in time she will change her mind....I hope.....

I have always loved …

Happy Birthday Tristan

My eldest son turned 22 today - wow - where have all the years gone.  The photo above is Tristan at 6 days and now 22 years later he is an independent man (well almost - I still need to wash his clothes otherwise he forgets).  Below is a drawing Tristan drew of himself when he was 12 (for school).  The teacher was so impressed she asked me to come into the classroom to see it.  It is now framed and hanging on the wall.   It is a very good likeness.

Tristan has decided that neither I nor his girlfriend (Kat) would be able to bake his Chocolate Mud Cake properly so he is cooking it himself and icing it.  I can't wait to see it - he is decorating it with a picture of a computer part (using icing) - did I tell you that he a computer nerd!!!

I took both my sons and their girlfriends out for lunch today - I will post some photos when I take them off Tristan's camera.  We went to a very nice Italian restaurant "Bella Vista" that cooks great pasta and even better deserts (whic…

Movie reviews

I have been meaning to write up some comments about a few DVD's I have watched over the Christmas/New Year break but just haven't got around to it.  So here goes.

My son and I watched the new Pixar animation "Up" the other day and laughed almost non-stop.  It is about an elderly man (Carl) who is sad and lonely who meets a 8 year old boy named Russel (who wants to earn his "elderly" scout badge).  Carl, wanting to escape being moved into a nursing home,  ties balloons to his house and by accident Russel (who was hiding on the front porch) ends up going along on the adventure.  They meet talking dogs, a villain and a rare bird called Kevin (who is very cute). Even though written for children, it has been the adults that are raving about this film.  As always, Pixar has  delivered another beautiful animation.

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love Jane Austen - this is the latest adaptation of her book Emma (by the BBC) and as far as I am concerned far bett…


A quick post today - too hot to be sitting in the study.  I'm hot, really hot - it has been 39C (102F) today and I am not impressed.  I had to go out twice and the car was like a oven when I got in and the air conditioner had to work twice as hard to cool it down.  When I got home I lay on the couch in front of the evaporative cooler and drank ice coffee!!

A cool change is promised tomorrow which will make a lot of difference.

Off to hang the washing out - better to hang it out overnight than during the heat of the day - less tough on the fabrics.

Bye..... for now....

Monday Musings: Summer

I have decided to make Mondays my photography day (or Monday Musings) - it will be the day I will share some of the photos I have taken during the week, however I have set myself a challenge to make it a little more interesting.  I am going to try (and may not always succeed) to have themes = groups of photos of a similar nature.  They can only be photos I have taken therefore some themes may be a little tricky and I may need to be creative!!!

This week, considering that many of my readers are currently snowed in and feeling the cold, the theme is my interpretation of SUMMER.

Please feel free to suggest ideas and I will see what I can do?!?!?

Had a wonderful day at the ...... beach

At 7:30 this morning we started our adventure - setting of to the coast - a 2 and half hour car trip to the township of Batemans Bay (on the south east coast of Australia).  Mid way into the trip we stopped for pastries and a cup of tea at Braidwood (the best bakery ever).  At this point my husband took over the driving.  When we arrived at the coast it was very grey and cloudy (as you can see in the photo) but still quite warm.   As the tide was out we took a romantic walk along the beach (which was covered in seaweed - which had quite a strong smell).  It wasn't a beach that I would swim in - not that I swam at all today in case you were wondering - the water is in fact quite cool and doesn't warm up until March - strange...

This is a photo of my husband (who doesn't like having his photo taken!!).  Notice all the gum trees along the edge of the beach - with erosion the trees are falling over and dying. As we turned the corner of the bay we found this unusual rock formati…