Mondays Musings: Evening Walk

Yesterday evening (Sunday) my husband and I went for a walk (7:30pm) to the suburb next to us. By the time we had finished the walk the sun was setting and there was a beautiful cool breeze.  I am a big fan of summer walks at dusk, I love watching the sunset and drive my husband mad as I take the long way just so I am at the top of the hill by the time the sun is setting over the mountain range.  Last night was quite good - but some nights the sun creates the most magical orange and yellows and it is just magnificent.

I have invested in a smaller Canon (fits in my pocket) as my large SLR Canon is just too big to take on walks.  I think these photos turned out ok.

This is a new suburb (above) with lots of houses cramped into small spaces with tiny gardens - I wouldn't like to live in any of them. Each household lives almost on top of the next household - horrible, I like my space - it isn't like we are short on space.

My husband didn't want me to take a photo of his face - so here are his feet!!!
I have a 'thing' about these pylons - I often include them in photos as they are quite architectural especially against the sunset.
Almost home.....


  1. Lovely photos...I love sunsets. Hubby and I make a habit of calling eachother if we see one that's especially beautiful, so we can see it at the same time. :)

  2. I like the sunset pictures the best!


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