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We had some lovely showers of rain this morning but sadly they didn't last long enough. But I mustn't complain as every little bit counts. The winds we had the other day knocked all my daffies over, but they weren't damaged so they are now safely in a vase indoors. This last photo is the "flowers" of a Canadian Maple, strange little things. I can't wait until this tress is fully grown - only need to wait another 20 years (I will be in my 60's) - I can be patient! I am feeling much better - still have the sore throat and head cold but on the mend. Poor Kat is also sick (but worse than me) - thanks Tristan for sharing the bug. I stayed home from work yesterday and I think sitting in the sun really helped. Plus the long sleep in:) which was much needed.

What a start.....

What a bit dramatic start to the morning – the phone rang at 4:00am, but by the time I got to it, it had stopped (the 1 st thing I always think when the phone rings at night is “ who has died”). When back to bed (with the phone) and dozed off, but the dogs started to bark as if someone was out the front. Door bell rang. Caius and his friend were standing at the door (5:00am) – more panic!! I called out, Caius said all was fine and then launched into the story. The street his friend lives on had been evacuated due to a van being set on fire and the fire brigade were concerned about its content (it was a plumbers van) as it contained a gas cylinder and other chemicals. Caius thought the whole event very exciting with the fire brigade, police and Has mat van buzzing about It was considered severe enough to close the pre-school this morning. They didn't let families return to the street until lunch time. On top of this I have Tristan’s cold/sore throat – swallowing hurts.

My birthday outing

Steven and I went for a drive this morning to Bungendore. There is a lovely restaurant there that makes the best pancakes (but the serves are far too big for one person). While we were out we went past a wind farm, which make such an impression in the landscape. This is quite a large farm which runs along the mountain range, to my surprise some of the poles are very close together. Thankyou for the many birthday wishes and phone calls (the birthdays cards were all beautiful this year with some inspirational ideas that I might steal for my own card making). I had a lovely birthday - besides my outing, I had a relaxing afternoon with a visit from my friend Kathie, afternoon sleep and watched latest adaptation of "Sense and Sensibility" (Jane Austin) (which is so romantic). For dinner we ordered pizza and had a Bee Sting Torte which was delicious and someone else washed the dishes! Even though a year older, I don't fee
Well, I think spring is almost here - the daffodiles are flowering, there is blossom on the trees and Floriade is only weeks away. I went for a walk today (at lunchtime) and I'm sure you can smell spring in the air. Almost the end of dreary winter (as seen in this photo I took the other morning) and I am feeling much better. However the frosts are still with 3- (C) this morning and again tomorrow. Disappointing news for both Tristan and Caius who missed out on their jobs. Tristan continues to look for something better and Caius has decided to return to school in 2010. On the weekend (inspired by Clara) I decided to make a Pumpkin Pie (do you remember the ones you use to cook Nick) - which turned out delicious, however no one else in my family likes it:( so it is all mine (not sure if this is good for my waist line). I thought I might look at my old American cookbooks (that I collect) to see what else I can find. Work is coming along really well - I have plenty of work to

Cat, crafts and car

Cat - our cat is mad - as we don't have a cat door she bangs on the front screen door to be let in. However on occasions it becomes game - she doesn't want to come, but loves jumping on the door. Up till Saturday I had never seen what she does - and to my amazement she did it in front of me as I was testing my new phone camera!! Picture 1 is Charlie thinking about jumping and picture 2 is the jump back to earth! Sometimes she reaches the top of the screen door then jumps. Crafts - I have been crafted out this weekend with a trip to the Annual Craft Fair, along with women from all over the region (bused in from far and wide and mostly over 50!!). If you want to know how to spend a lot of money quickly and not have a lot to show for it, visit a craft fair. Expect handmade cards for the next year. Nick, I made yours on Saturday evening!! Car - last week Tristan lost most of the oil in his car (not that he noticed) - Steven feared the worst - however once he started worki


Did you notice anything special about today? At 12.34pm and 56 seconds today, the time and date will read 12:34.56, 7/8/9. Pretty amazing - what happen again until 3009. Ok - a bit nerdy:) !!! Stephen, while I was scanning I only found one photo of you as a little boy - so I made a special one for you, removed your siblings:)!!

Looking forward to Spring

I have decided that I would like to see the end of winter and the beginning of Spring. I am getting a little tired of icy mornings and 10-13C each day. I think I have the winter "blues" - but only one more month of winter:) Just finished another book that I thought I would share with you, its a new release - very sad - perhaps I should read more up-beat books at this time of the year! Frida: Chosen to Die, Destined to Liv e by Frida Gashumba This book is about the genocide in Rwanda in 1994 - I am still amazed at how quicky human beings can be convinced that it is a good idea to kill 1000's of innocent people just because of the tribe they are. Frida survives (just), however 15 members of her family are slaughtered and she is completely traumatized as would be expected. But through her new Christian faith she becomes strong enough to forgive those who killed her family and find happiness through her husband and children and wanting to share her faith with others. (