What a start.....

What a bit dramatic start to the morning – the phone rang at 4:00am, but by the time I got to it, it had stopped (the 1st thing I always think when the phone rings at night is “ who has died”). When back to bed (with the phone) and dozed off, but the dogs started to bark as if someone was out the front. Door bell rang. Caius and his friend were standing at the door (5:00am) – more panic!! I called out, Caius said all was fine and then launched into the story. The street his friend lives on had been evacuated due to a van being set on fire and the fire brigade were concerned about its content (it was a plumbers van) as it contained a gas cylinder and other chemicals. Caius thought the whole event very exciting with the fire brigade, police and Has mat van buzzing about It was considered severe enough to close the pre-school this morning. They didn't let families return to the street until lunch time.

On top of this I have Tristan’s cold/sore throat – swallowing hurts. A flu and cold in 2 months is more than enough for me. I came home in the middle of the day and sat in the sun then had a sleep until 5:00pm.

5 things to be thankful for today (idea from a christian blogger - thanks for the idea):
  1. Caius got home safely and it wasn't anything to panic about.
  2. Steven came home early and fixed Tristan's car (leaking oil).
  3. The sun was shinning and the weather warmer, perfect for a sick girl.
  4. That I only have a cold.
  5. A warm house to stay warm in tonight.


  1. Hi there Jo!
    Thanks for dropping in today! Lovely to 'meet' you :)
    Hope you are feeling better real soon.
    Love + blessings in Christ,
    Lusi x


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