• Why did I wake up at 4:30am this morning (without an alarm clock) when I didn't need to get up early - however on Sunday morning when I do need to be up at 4:30am to take my husband to the airport to catch a 6:30 flight and I bet I will struggle to get out of bed.
  • Why do my family empty food items (eg milk) and put the empty cartons back into the fridge. I wonder if they think the fridge eats the empty items!
  • Why can I spend hours watching my cats play and only manage a few minutes of ironing before I came completely bored?
  • Why do trades-persons, who promise to be at your home between 1 - 5pm, always turn up well after 5:00pm?
  • Why do I bother reading the newspapers or watching the news on TV when I am fed "dumbed down news" that includes unimportant trivia on actors!
  • Why was I so excited with the release of the "iPad" from Apple - silly question - I love Apple products, which is why we are an Apple household:) (excluding eldest son who strongly dislikes Apples hardware)
  • Why do only Australians love Vegemite (excluding my American niece and nephews)?  It's great on crumpets:)
  •  Why does my son talk "computers" from dawn to dust - where does this nerdiness come from (he grins at me)?
  • Why when I Google directions from Darwin (Australia) to Tokyo I have to use a kayak across the Pacific Ocean - doesn't Google know about airplanes?  However if traveling from London to Belfast I can catch a Ferry?


  1. Great question - I'm stilling trying to figure out why my kids keep putting empty boxes of oreos in the cabinet... especially when I want one they are GONE!

    Love to you.

  2. I thk that empty thing is a male thing? Bear does it ALL the time too...


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