Prayer request

My dear mother-in-law has had cancer (Ovarian) for the last 18months and now it has spread (to her lungs) and she is in hospital (where doctors want to do more tests - making her more distressed).   Fortunately she isn't in any great pain at this stage, however the drugs she is being given are making her feel even worse.

My husband and I don't live near by, but my husband is planning to fly and stay with her as long as needed (he will be able to work a few days a week when he is there).  She is a Christian woman which is such as relief as she knows she is going to heaven which gives her such joy, however she still feels scared about what is happening probably becuase she is no longer in any control over her life . 

Please pray that the next few months are as comfortable as possible and that she can put her faith completely in Gods hands.  And her doctors do the right things eg don't forget to give her her medication which caused her even more distress until my husband had a long chat with the nurse.



  1. Jo - Prayers from my heart are already going up for you all. Difficult times are surely ahead - so my prayers will be that you all find comfort and peace with what is to be. Your Mother in law is very lucky to have a dauaghter in law who cares about her enough to request prayers from all over the world.

  2. Prayers and love. Following from MBC! Please come and see me sometime!

  3. Will try to remember her in my prayers often. It is so hard to have a sick parent. I've watched my parents lose a parent each, and now my own father has two ultimately fatal (though slow) diseases. I cannot imagine what illness and death must be like for those who do not believe...


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