Monday Musings: Lake Views

The theme this Monday is "Lake Views" - these photos where taken at Lake Burley Griffin in the  heart of the National Capital of Australia - Canberra. Canberra is a designed city (by the American architect Walter Burley Griffin) and the home of the Australian Parliament (which can be seen in the distances of the photo below).  This lake is man-made and is the heart of his design.  Being a designed city - some say it is cold with no character, - but that is usually from people who do not live here - but after 90 years I think it has improved greatly and is a beautiful place to live.  For more information check this link out:


In the photo above you can see new buildings rising in the city of Canberra.  It isn't like other cities (it's quite small) and part of the design was no tall buildings so it doesn't have the usual high rises seen in other places.

I know these last 2 photos aren't about lakes - the first one is a piece of public art next to the lake - it is meant to represent the pathway to the "Red Centre" of Australia!  In case you are more confused, I have only taken the end of the "path"!!

This one is also public art at the Australian National University and we past it on the way home - I quite like the flowers and the vase.  Behind the vase is student accommodation.


  1. Those are beautiful views, Jo!

    I am praying for your mother-in-law! I'm sorry to hear about her ovarian cancer!

    p.s. Following your blog.

  2. Interesting city, from the sounds of it. Is it all pretty mid-century?

  3. thanks for sharing pictures of your lovely home country - would so love to visit there. That vase sculpture is remarkable---

  4. Val - the city started its journey in the late 1920's so there are some wonderful art deco buildings in Canberra which I will photograph one day. However (the new) Parliament House was built 22 years ago and is an amazing piece of design (by an Italian team) - that will be another set of photos - the workmanship that when into it is incredible. Old Parliament House is now a museum.

    Thanks for visiting - I love comments:)

  5. Enjoyed hearing about your kitty over at my blog!


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