Teaching boys to cook

My youngest son came home yesterday with 3 cup cakes for me (Chocolate) - he had made and decorated them - I took one to work today and it was delicious.  And on Sunday night he made dinner (Fettuccine with mushroom and chicken) and that was also very yummy.  He is very confident in the kitchen and willing to experiment with recipes.  He was interested for a while in being a chef but decided he won't like the constrains of a kitchen with other people telling him what to do.

Both my sons have been taught to cook, Tristan cooks all the time for his girlfriend (who isn't as keen on cooking) and for her family (who love his food).  He even buys cook books to increase his array of dishes.  He currently works in a kitchen at a local hospital (he hates his job) - but while there he chats to the chefs and gets ideas.

This got me thinking of the importance of teaching boy to cook and get involved in the kitchen (plus how to clean up their messes - something mine avoid).  My mum taught all my brothers to cook and they are now very good.  I think they all enjoy cooking - I know one certainly does (and makes great meals every time I stay!!).

But I do wonder about modern boys (and girls) who don't see their mums cook very often, and never see  the baking of cakes, biscuits and muffins.  When my boys were at school, other children would want to taste their cakes as they had never (or rarely) eaten home made cakes and biscuits.  Very sad I thought. There is nothing nicer than the smell of cakes cooking:)  We will have a society of adults that eat take-away which are both unhealthy and expensive.

Likewise teaching boys to clean is also useful. Tristan isn't bad at the bathroom/shower/toilet that he is meant to do each week (he does need reminding) and Caius is good with the vaccumm cleaner. and mopping the floors  They do need more practice with dusting - they dust around things (so does their father) and taking out the garbage.   

As for ironing - neither have a clue!!!  So I assume this will be left for their wives to do:) or wear clothes un-ironed!!


  1. I was totally appalled when I had the youth group girls over for New Years and discovered that they had never, ever made cookies from scratch. Really? It's not that hard. They are all amazed that I do crazy things like can fruit, make my own applesauce, bake homemade bread, make my own pasta, and make cookies. I've actually thought about doing a cooking school for them over the summer...

  2. It is a changing world isn't it Jo? Seems like a whole generation has lost that sense of family time. So great that your boys have grown up to appreciate the values of cooking and al that goes with that. Good for you Jo!

  3. I think it's tragic the way society is leaning towards everything being convenient and nothing being homemade or family-oriented. I hope to raise my son(s) to be able to take care of themselves and their wife/children should they ever need to... It is healthier, cheaper, and more fun to be able to manage without fast food and a house that looks like a pigsty, in my opinion! :)


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