My favourite....spots in the house

This weeks favourite things are two areas in my house that I really like - the first is my study area.  My husband and I share the study - he has one corner and I have the other.  My area is full of craft goodies, his area has computers and other electronic gadgets.  Below is a photo of my desk (where I am sitting right now) and next to it is my craft stuff (that I use to make cards).  Under the window is my photography project (scanning in old photos).  Before taking this photo I did do some cleaning and my desk was full of things!!!  Note the colour of the paint on the wall - I came home one day and my husband had painted the room 2 different colours - no idea why!!

The other area that I really like is in my lounge room by the front windows.  This is a lovely spot to read the newspaper on weekends (in the morning) as the sun creates lovely light.  I can look out at the garden and watch the birds.  Those aren't the correct chairs for the table - still looking for chairs that I like.


  1. Oh I love the little table and chair "nook"...I'd enjoy having my coffee there, staring out the window. :)


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