Happy Birthday Tristan

My eldest son turned 22 today - wow - where have all the years gone.  The photo above is Tristan at 6 days and now 22 years later he is an independent man (well almost - I still need to wash his clothes otherwise he forgets).  Below is a drawing Tristan drew of himself when he was 12 (for school).  The teacher was so impressed she asked me to come into the classroom to see it.  It is now framed and hanging on the wall.   It is a very good likeness.

Tristan has decided that neither I nor his girlfriend (Kat) would be able to bake his Chocolate Mud Cake properly so he is cooking it himself and icing it.  I can't wait to see it - he is decorating it with a picture of a computer part (using icing) - did I tell you that he a computer nerd!!!

I took both my sons and their girlfriends out for lunch today - I will post some photos when I take them off Tristan's camera.  We went to a very nice Italian restaurant "Bella Vista" that cooks great pasta and even better deserts (which looked so good we took photos of them).  Now I am too full for dinner but I will certainly find room for the cake!!!


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