Project 365

"Looking up", taken whilst sitting under the trees at lunchtime

 Have you heard of Project 365?

Nor had I until my cousin (Clara) showed it to me.

For 365 days you add a single photo (per day) to your project365 webpage and by the end of the year there are 365 photos you have taken . . . one per day.  Its like a photo diary.
So far I have taken 8 photos of something I have seen or done . . . it doesn't need to be a masterpiece or work of art.  On most occasions I use my iPhone so it really is that easy. I am now finding myself looking for "that" photo each day . . . it has been fun finding something different.

You can leave comments, however you do need to sign it to do this.

Here is the link to my Project 365

"Chillies" 21st January
"Marble Foyer" the grand entrance to the Australian Federal Parliament House - 19th January
I snapped this photo on the way to the car on the 17th of January
The book I was reading on the 16th of January


  1. It's fun, isn't it? Although, I do find it difficult sometimes when my day isn't very interesting!!! Your photos have been far more artistic than mine - but then my goal is to give distant family more of a peek into our lives than to be artistic!!! ;) I'm enjoying your 365! :)


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