My week: the highlights

Best day: Today - slept in until 9:00am, went to the Life Line book fair in the morning, bought MacDonalds for the boys and I for lunch (treat - don't do it often), watched a DVD in the afternoon with Tristan, had an afternoon sleep (whilst listening to Bach) and made picklets for afternoon tea for Tristan and I - which we covered in lots of jam and thick cream whilst hiding away from the icy winds.

Not so good day: Didn't have any of those - all days were good in their own way.

Funniest moment: Steven and I were driving home from work on Thursday and the police had 2 speed cameras on the road we drive on every day home from the city. However they decided that they wanted to add an element of surprise and have a couple of policemen hiding behind trees jumping out with hand-held speed cameras. What they appeared not to understand was how distracting it was - amazing it didn't create an accident as we didn't know which tree we would see a policeman coming from!!

Cooking: My turn to make morning tea at work - all previous morning tea preparers had baked a cake so I had to do likewise. I made a passion-fruit cake which worked out quite well considering I covered the interior of the microwave with melted butter and almost ran out of SR flour!

What I have been reading: Sand Storm by James Rollins (adventure novel - a good read) and Singing Through the Night: Courageous Stories of Faith from Women in the Persecuted Church by Anneke Companjen (some Christians endure much for their faith)

What have I been watching: Tristan and I watch “I am David “ and both thoroughly enjoyed the movie (about facing your fears) and "Palin on Art" - the story of Vilhelm Hammershoi a little known Danish artist (1864-1916) who painted beautiful interior scenes - a little in the manner of Vermeer. This is one of his works - they have a calmness about them that appeal to me.

Weather: Sunny and cool on Monday and Tuesday, very dusty on Wednesday followed by a thunderstorm (which went for hours), hail and 25mm of rain, calm and cold on Thursday with a little rain and Friday was warm and very windy. Today wet, cold and windy. Spring. I have gone from wearing sandals to winter jumpers!

Verse of the week: And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. John 14:13 When trials come and God seems far away, remember that we are only one prayer from connecting with God. What a wonderful thought

Things I am thankful for this week:
  • the rain - the hills are now covered in green grass (some lusher than others) and the creeks a flowing
  • spending time with Tristan (even if he only talks about computers!)
  • having heating to keep me warm on days like today

Things to look forward to:
  • going to Adelaide in 6 days!!

Below are some photos - black and white my favorite. The first photo is of Kathleen, Tristan's girlfriend of 3 years. Tristan took this shot at the Botanical Gardens last weekend and I converted it to B&W.
I love detail and that is what this photo is representing.