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It currently raining - love the sound of rain so I might go to bed early and read as this weather encourages snuggling up with a book and a cup of tea!! Charlie (the cat) wanted to go outside - I did try and explain that it was raining - she didn't listen - went outside for less than a minute and now she is back indoors grumbling as cats do about the weather.Caius doing what he does best - texting on the phone. Now that his phone package allows him to endlessly test - that is what he does. I wonder if these kids will get RSI in their fingers?
Tristan has sent in his application for the public service apprenticeship. We now wait and pray that he hears about an interview. It does take some time to get through the process so I doubt we will hear anything until late October.
Brenin lying in the sun - but because he is black it doesn't take long before he is too hot and has to move back into the shade. He has an obsession with tissues and when I go outside, the first thing he does is hunt down a pocket to see if I have any tissues. When he finds one he eats it:)
Taken on my way to work - more balloons are in the air each morning with the warmer weather - they make for a beautiful sight. Sometimes I wonder how close they get to the flag pole.
Some trees by a local creek - I love the way they lean and the light flickers through. Such beauty the Lord surrounds us with - even little pockets like this - and so many people are just too busy to notice.

SUGGESTION: I am looking for new music - classical, christian etc... I listen to my iPod all day at work so need to have music to think to (nothing to lively or pop!) - otherwise I can't focus on statistics. Any suggestions??? Nick, have you listened to your new CDs yet? I usually purchase from iTunes - that way I don't need to take up physical space with CD's - last night I downloaded two album - one by Sarah Morgann and the other by James Kilbane - which I really liked - they both have christian albums.


  1. Did you see the comment I left on facebook about music? Stephen and Bets can get hold of those CDs for you :)


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