A CSI Moment.........

What happens when one dog accidentally bits the tip of the ear of another large dog (at 7:30am on a Saturday morning)? ............ Blood goes everywhere - up the walls, all over the floor - huge mess. This is what happened this morning:(

To try and stop the bleeding, I brought Gaia inside to the bathroom and held the ear hoping it would stop - then disastrous - Gaia shook his head and the bathroom was covered in blood - EVERYWHERE. In the course of the morning, with Steven, Tristan and I all taking turns to hold his ear (so each one of us could have a shower and get dressed) Gaia shakes his head 6 times and what a job it was cleaning up all the blood. It looked like we had murdered someone. We are now trying to stop the ear from being shook and from hanging down (as it is still bleeding) his ear has been pulled back and a bandage wrapped around his head (see below) - he is looking very unhappy.